Token in the game

Hello all. What do you guys think about giving us choice or chance to have rare, epic and legendary token in the game ? In fact we usually have rare with epic token whereas it’s said epic token. Even if we sometimes pull epic and legendary with that token, it’s extremely rare to have that chance. So creating rare, epic and legendary token in the game would make things clear and sense. When you have a dedicated token you know what kind of heroe you’ll gonna have to not be frustrated. Please Small Giant if you could make that, we players would be very happy especially me.
I’m waiting for your thoughts you all

Well, a nice idea that many would like, I guess.
But, the token is just a free pull for a specific version of summon. So, for what you want, they’d have to also split the summoning up into more groups.

What would work without much effort , though, would be an elemental hero coin.
Could be extremely rare and given out only once every thouthands blue moon … but would be definitely a very nice surprise within a loot.

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lol @LarryLaffer on every thousands blue moon ? even if it should be rare, that’ll be interesting. we sometimes get good loot in elemental chest. and probably, we should have them there. these token should be got from new quests ! what do you about that ? Creating also an event every 2 or 3 months where there will be these token ! I think Small Giant would enrich their game. That would be very fascinating guys. I guess

@Rook and @Kerridoc what do you guys think about that post ? I would be glad to have your ideas !

I’m always interested in more loot and loot types being introduced or buffed up in the game. As the game does random loot rolls everywhere, I don’t think there should be a guaranteed token (unless it’s a specially created thing), but…

I want a Master Token introduced that can be used anywhere. Do I want to spin for Event heroes? Element? Epic? (le gasp) TROOP? This token would do it all. Caveat: As a safeguard against accidentally “wasting” it, this token would NOT work on Daily Summons.


Yeah a such token would be perfect ! and letting us also to have good heroes though :grinning::grin: