Token Draws

I’m not sure if this was ever brought up but people who have multiple tokens should have the option of using them in bulk instead of one at a time i.e. 10x draws or 30x draws

Good idea !! Especially when using regular tokens (gray) for accomplishing the POV summon challenge. It just eats our time and is somewhat very tedious.


Response from staff


Actually, @Kerridoc is not a staff of Small Giant. He was a beloved moderator who happens to play the game. He has made tremendous contribution to this community. He left the game and the forum with a ballad for him penned by a forum user. He was one of the few players who saw the potential of Wilbur very early.

Alas, that link, I believe, is just the view and opinion of a fellow player, not by SG staff.

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If I remember right he posted AMA 2019. So for me he is something like voice of stuff :slight_smile:
For game this ability is additional button or additional message + it is needed not so often and not for a very large number of players. Yes, I know few similar games with ability like that, but it must be in game from begin … or never :slight_smile:

Ok I can understand that about hero tokens but normal and troop tokens can be done this way

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Yes I believe this should be a thing I my self am a believer in great % with more tokens but it takes for ever to do 100 summonings when it’s one at a time plz if you can add this feature

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