Token display

Would like to see under summon a number of saved or earned types of tokens. For instance, I have started saving epic hero tokens to use on events. However, not sure how many I have since we earn free summons. I know under inventory/general is shows tokens, but might not include free summons. Would be nice to select summon and see I have two pulls (a saved token w/free pull).

It does show your number of tokens if you select a type of summons. I agree it would be nice to see on the first screen after clicking the portal as well.

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I never noticed it there. That’s cool if your selecting a summons because it says u have a summon. My thing is I got VIP once and it gives you double standard hero summon. I’ve opened all sorts of boxes along with mystic vision before and was never sure what my summons amount was. Im sure I was jipped on a pull or two. And do free summons actually count as a token? Daily dont stack so I’m not sure.