Token bonuses

So, I’ve been rather bummed that I can’t use an Epic Hero token for the Event Summoning or the Elemental Summoning. I mean, you work hard to get those tokens and then can’t use it to try getting a limited time character in the Event Summoning, or to try getting a character of the elemental class that you desperately need.
Why not make the tokens have a better chance to score a 4* or 5* hero?
Players (like me) already spend their gems on the 10x pulls in the summons, so leave the chances with gems alone, but if you have a token of any kind (Epic, Troop, or Regular), make it more lucrative and possible to summon someone decent. I personally am very tired of using Epic tokens and only getting Isshtak…he’s HORRIBLE!!!
Maybe change the percentages of the tokens to something like the following:
Rare Hero:65%
Epic Hero: 30%
Legendary Hero: 5%

Rare Troop: 80%
Epic Troop: 20%

I mean, I understand that it is a free hero for each token, but make a it more advantageous to use tokens.

I posted this before. Would like tokens for elemental pulls as well. I have 4 unused epic tokens and nothing good use them on and I only have 1 5*. Hope they add to this.

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