Toggle XP Off


I’m sure it’s fairly common that folks have to stop using World Energy in between Titans, as they desire to get the refills during the Titan for the extra 3 hits, when you level.

It would be helpful to have the ability to turn off your experience so you can still farm for crafting items in-between Titan encounters, without leveling up and filling your flags prematurely.

Also, a warning prompt of some sort (so we don’t go long period of time without gaining XP, unwittingly) :wink:

All the best!

For me, watching that timing is part of the strategy. I can just pip my higher ranked alliance buddies to the A+ loot with a well-timed level up.


Same Opinion!
I like your Idea @Avicious , but i would rather leave it the way it is for keeping the need for some strategy alive.


It would be better if they just gave us 3 flasks instead.


While watching the level indicator is part of the strategy, there should be no reason someone else object to you shutting yours off. Probably will never happen because few people would use it for the programming effort involved.

As far as accidentally being left on; it would reset every time player logged in.

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E&P. Please add an option to turn off and on experience gains. You added a close to lvl notification shouldn’t be much harder to add this imo. I believe this could be use at times to allow for better use of titan flags. I’m in a situation right now where I can’t play any lvls or do any of the quests without lvling up because if I do I will lvl up and waste the titan flags. I’m sure other people have similar experiences. Just an idea. Thank you.