Toggle Troop Trainer

I found the new troop trainer has a REALLY COOL feature. You can toggle it on and off or move it without losing any level up progress.
At first I replaced one of my farms with the trainer because I had more farms than any other building. The farm was level 12. I leveled up my trainer to a 2. Soon I realized that I shouldn’t have waisted one of my farms. I was afraid to move if for fear of losing my progress. Finally i bit the bullet and decided to just try it and see what happens. To my surprise my farm returned as a 12. I then converted one of my craft buildings to the trainer and the trainer was still a 2. There was no cost of meat, iron or gems to do this and the wait time was 10 seconds. WAY TO GO DEVS. THIS IS AN AWESOME FEATURE. THANK YOU.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us. This is nice to know for sure. :relaxed:

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I knew you could switch back and forth free, i didn’t know that you could move the barracks overtop of another building by converting a new building. Thanks for sharing, and I’ll pass it along!


This is not a troop trainer but just a barracks for housing troops and leveling- I swapped my forge out for the barracks

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