Together we'll win - Casual Alliance

Mostly casual alliance that is looking to grow. 1000 trophy count, but will lower for the right person. Looking for daily players. We are a good teaching alliance and a friendly atmosphere. Very chatty. Line is encouraged but not required. We are tackling 7 - 8 star titans and have a good mix of skill level and experience. We have a war strategy and coordinate tanks. Tank color rotates. You can find us under the alliance name in the title… “Together we’ll win”. Currently room for 2.

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Still have room for one more. Would love to have any active player in our alliance.

Still room for 1 more.

We have 2 spots open and are attacking a rare holy titan. Chance for darts.

We were full for a minute…now we have another slot. Join us. Free continental breakfast with every overnight stay.

My 1 daily attempt to fill another roster spot. Friendly group looking for new or experienced players.

Hey there, just wondering if you have a spot still. I could be keen. I’m super competitive with war, and try to hit the titan as much as I can

@GuanYu79 We filled our last spot yesterday so we don’t currently have room. I have someone that, if they don’t log in in 2 or 3 days will be removed. I will let you know.

Hokey dokey let me know then

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If you, or anyone for that matter, would like to join our alliance, we now have a roster space.

We Now have room for 2 in our alliance. Come grow with us.

We still have a spot. This can be a great home or resource for you. Grow with us.

We have 3 open spots for you and a few friends. We are looking for active players that enjoy the game and enjoy the company of an active alliance. This is a great place to learn the game. If teaching and knowledge are a part of your arsenal, this will also be a great place to call home. Check us out.

We were full, but 1 got the boot for inactivity. We have space for 1 more. 7 star titans. Great for new or experienced players. Come check us out.

Hey sorry, found a new team. If I ever need to make a switch in the future I will keep you in mind thanks

We have room for 1 more in great teaching alliance. Come check us out.

We still have a spot for you. Whether you are new or experienced, we would love for you to check us out.

Looking for 1 more to fill us up. Fun alliance for all levels.

I saved a spot for you. Bringing casual and fun back in the game. All levels/abilities welcome.

Room for 2 more in this alliance. Come check us out.

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