Today's update has/had install issues

Was on the bosses of an Atlantis Hard Mode earlier today when the game exited abruptly. Went to my status bar and noticed that a new update (885) was installing.

Tried a few times to open the game back up, but no luck. Lost my WE and the mats I had spent. Then my phone had a system fault and restarted. Chrome and E&P were the only two apps running, and Chrome was not updated.

Android app updates should not close an already loaded and running process. Even if they are dynamically loading modules, and update should not cause this behavior unless there was a significant API change. A minor update revision does not suggest this type of change, likely just bug fixes. This is poor design. Even more concerning is the system fault that it caused.

In the meantime, disabling application auto-update (over WiFi) to match the setting on my main phone.

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