Today's Halloween offer

I just purchased today’s Halloween offer. The payment is showing as done through, but the offer never came up to be claimed. When looking at the offer, it still shows 1 available, but when I click on it, it just flickers and stays showing as one available.

This happenec to one of our alliance members…would this be the place to make a claim?

Restarting the app fixed my issue.

If the payment went through but you did not receive the loot, please submit a support ticket through the app. The forums are not the place for restitution.

Then SG should change where the app links. I went through the app and selected “report a bug” and it brought me to the forums.

You need to click on: submit a request - either top right or at the very bottom of the page

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It’s kind of misleading text, not a bad link: The link here is marked “REPORT A BUG”, but is listed under “COMMUNITY”.

The link for submitting a support ticket is marked “SUPPORT” and listed under “SUPPORT”. :slight_smile:

(If you want support, choose “SUPPORT”, not “COMMUNITY”. The community may offer advice, but not support.)

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