Today’s Epic Offer

I’m c2p and looking out for good deals to save up gems. Was f2p at first so ignored most of the Xmas offers, but picked up a few good deals toward the end.

The current offer is $19.99 for 3000 gems, a few ascension mats and multiple battle items. Thinking about getting this but was wondering - in terms of gem deals, is this one of the better deals to expect, or are better discounts common?

I recall getting a little better return on some Xmas deals but not sure what to expect going forward.


Honestly I wasn’t feeling it, there’s a lot of filler that I don’t care to buy. A month of VIP and the Atlantis deals each month gets you 2k gems for $10, which is the best use of a monthly budget, to me.


If you need the rings and gloves in particular, then this is one of the best mat plus gems deals I’ve ever seen.

If you don’t, then this isn’t a particularly good deal on gems — wait for the challenge event and Atlantis gem deals instead, they’re normally the cheapest ever offered on a $/gem basis.


Like @zephyr1 was saying a great deal if you need gems plus Ascension mats. If only after gems then I’d wait as there are better deals to be had.


It’s a pretty good deal on that many gems. 0.67 cents per gem is on the low end. 0.5 cents per gem is the lowest I’ve seen though, but it’s usually on fewer gems.


The value is good. But value is in the eye of the purchaser. U may not need the other stuff that comes with the gems. But if u regularly purchase gems you’re saving 10 bucks by buyin the special vs just buyin the gems in the store. Rest is there as a bonus.

Regardless if i was c2p, I’d be more focused on specials that fill needs, heros aren’t any guarantee with the gems but if u can take a gamble + have a guarantee of filling couple needs for current heros and do it all at a discount then i would.


Good offer for me.

3 000k gems for 20$ is a good offer. Mat are bonus to me.


Yeah I currently have 0 rings and 1 gloves but no immediate use for them I think. As you saw in yesterday’s thread I’m pretty new and working up a 4* team. Could pick it up to stock ascension mats and gems for later use maybe.

Yeah suppose there’s no immediate need. Just future planning I suppose lol. Tough to tell how RNG will treat me on those ascension mats.

Might be best to wait until I need something specific or events/Atlantis. But these deals are tempting!



If you had a good red 5* that was 4/6 on rings, then i could see this being an offer suited for you

But if you dont have a red 5* or have one but need 5 more rings, then doesnt hurt to see better offers since you’ll be waiting anyways

Planning around rare quests is typically how i figure out how much i need a mat from an offer

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I was sleepy eyed in the middle of the night and saw Rings click click


Theres always a need for gloves with 4*+ teams. I could use around 20.


I’d jump on it if i was still spending. $20 is a good deal for 3k gems. But when i was spending it meant buying just about any offer that popped up lol so c2p is a different story as far as advice. Of course I’ll pass on the offer but not cause it’s bad, just unneeded at the moment.


Exactly what make me took the offer was 4/6 rings for zim.


Yeah Santa is my only 5* at 1-50 but putting him on the back burner for awhile while I solidify the 3-4* lineups.

Yeah that’s been me since around Christmas or so lol… “Well, it’s only $2 right?” This is the first big package available since then which I’ve been kind of waiting for. Depends how much I wanna spend I guess. Sounds like the smaller Atlantis deals are better bang for the buck maybe.


In comparison of what $20 can get you from the store, the deal is definitely worth it if you’re willing to give SG $20 all at once. I’ll stick to the $0.99 and $1.99 offers and discounted VIP pass offers though— I think im just too frugal to give them $20 at once even if its a good deal

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Definitely agree, and for someone who’s not “C2P enough” to be satisfied with the Atlantis and challenge event gems, this is a good one to pick up too.

Typically they offer 400 gems plus 25 Atlantis coins for $2 USD, with 4 available at a time. That’s the lowest price gems are normally offered for.

The problem bigger spenders (more than $18 US/month) run into is that they exhaust the 3 cheapest deals on gems:

  • Atlantis: 400 gems, 25 coins for $2, 4 available
  • Challenge Event: 200 gems for $1, 5 available
  • VIP: 900 gems, other benefits for $5

After that, deals like this are typically about the best available. So they make a lot of sense for someone who’d like to spend more than that, or someone who wants the particular mats.

If your spending is at or below those other offers above, and particularly in your case where the rings aren’t really needed any time soon, then this particular deal is less appealing for you.


Had 4 rings and waited to craft some dragons to finish the Christmas event for the 5th. Then it came the offer for the sixth! Didn’t even see the rest mats/gems with it.
Lady Lion will be so happy.


When people spend 20$ cause they know they are not gonna get them from the game by playing you know it’s P2W AF

I’m extremely bored today and have an hour to kill so I decided to spend some of it going a bit deeper into analyzing how good the deal is. TL;DR at the bottom of the post.

VS Shop

The current offer is $19.99 for 3000 gems, a few ascension mats and multiple battle items.

Epic Offer
$19.99 for 3k gems = 150 Gems per $1.
+2 Free Unfarmable AM

$19.99 for 1.8k gems = 90 Gems per $1.
No AM included

You get 60 more gems per dollar vs the regular shop. Nothing to sneeze at imo. Also, the inculsion of unfarmable AM increase its value— especially since one is a 4* ascension material and the 3* one is gloves which is harder to get from Challenge Events than Compasses. If you’re willing to shell out the $20 its better than the regular shop by far.

VS Rare Deals

in terms of gem deals, is this one of the better deals to expect, or are better discounts common?

If my memory is correct two rarest type of deals during the December seasonal event were the ones named “mystery offer” and “presents from rudolph”:

Mystery Offer

$4.99 for 700 Gems = 140 Gems per $1.
+2 Free Summons

So in Gems received alone the current Epic Offer is actually better. The game values 1 epic hero token as the equivalent of 300 gems and 1 Epic troop token as 200 Gems. The value of the gloves and rings are much harder to put a solid value on since there’s no way to buy them directly. If you argued rare mats and the chance at an epic troop and a legendary hero are around the same value then the current offer is actually better than this very rare offer.

Presents from Rudolph

$2.99 for 400 Gems + an eventual additional 900 Gems = 433 Gems per $1.
+VIP Perks

Probably the best deal ever for CTP but Im fairly certain this is also the rarest deal ever, so I don’t count on seeing it again any time soon.

VS the seemingly random deal
I feel like this middle priced deal pops up quite a bit. Probably enough that the bigger spenders can skip it w/o regret but probably not enough to call it common


Anyways compared to the current deal its just not as good.
$9.99 for 1000 Gems + WE
$19.99 for 3000 + 2 Unfarmale AM

You get 1000 gems less if you bought the $10 one twice than if you bough the $20 one once. Also tickets and a WE flask is a worse bonus than Unfarmable AM.

VS Common & Relatively Common deals

First the most common is the one that comes every month now. Atlantis.

$1.99 for 400 Gems = 200 Gems per $1.
+25 Atlantis Coin

Thinking in purely Gems per dollar this common deal is better. It depends how you value the AC+extra 50 gems per dollar vs unfarmable AM, though. It could be argued the Epic offer is better for this reason. However, each atlantis summon gives you a point towards the ascension chest, and you can buy the Atlantis deal four times, so there’s that to consider. I’ll let you be the judge of which is a better deal.

Next is the other $1.99 offer thats relatively common. I dont have a screenshot from the Xmas event. But the below example is the same as the common deals that showed up during the christmas event aswell as during other kinds of special events, holidays or whatever special occasion:

(I recall $0.99 for gems + nothing deals also being offered but these $1.99 for gems + A USEFUL THING deals seem to be more well liked.)

$1.99 for 200 Gems = 100 Gems Per $1.
+1 Free Unfarmable AM

Thinking of purely Gems per dollar, the current offer is objectively better.
Subjectively, i’m not inclined to call it better. SG is kinda annoying in that they don’t have a cheapo option in the shop for $0.99-to-$2.50 like nearly every other game I play. So if you ever need just a few more gems to summon from a limited tme gate before it gets traded out but don’t want to give them a fiver at the time, you’re screwed. So these cheapo offers along with the atlantis ones are kinda precious. Secondly, you can usually buy multiple of these type of cheapo offers in the week they’re offered; similar to how you can buy the atlantis offer 4 times while the atlantis gate is open. So if you buy this kinda offer 4 times, you spend $8.00 to get 4 unfarmable AM. That definitely seems better than $20 for 2 AM — so i wouldnt buy the $20 offer if it would prevent you from buying multiple $1.99 ones.

TL;DR: The Epic offer is better than the shop, and some rare deals. Its definitely better than the mid-priced common-ish deals. A few rare deals are better. The low-price common deals can be considered better than it, and they are imo, but it can be argued they aren’t better just on par

notes/FYI: all prices are in USD and have been rounded to the nearest whole dollar before calculations. I didnt include battle items in the value of the epic offer for the reasons of; simplicity, I don’t know anyone who actually drops gems on battle items, and I think SG just tossed them in to make the offer visually look more appealing.