Today’s Dragon Magic VIP Offer

I have 10 days left on my monthly VIP. If I purchase today’s offer (30 day VIP for $5.49 CA) will the 30 days be added on to the end of my current VIP ?

Yes… a good buy if you use VIP


Thank you so much for your speedy reply !

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I bought the offer, so good even if you dont need the second builder . (Gems + daily emblems+loot tickets)

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Good offer if you are c2p

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I was gonna get vip for my mini account as soon as I got to sh20 just got to 19 the other day. As my second builder would literally just be to level training camp all the way to 20.
Gonna have to pass on this offer. But is a good one.

Can anyone tell why this offer came up twice within just two months?

2019 we had the deal on April and October. 2020 it is June and August. Will it continue to appear this frequently?

It’s a company just trying to get the new player to try it out and see what a good value it is. Or to get long time, burned out players fully interested again.

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