Today is 22nd Oct :D

22nd October 2018
Halloween is here … Happy times fellas.
So when ever the portal pops up lets see the rewards … lets share the spirit and cheer to the lucky ones :smile:


I’m holding off on the Halloween draws until next month, in the hopes of getting the next HotM with my tokens. I already have one Aegir, so trying for another one isn’t a priority for me.
Good luck to everyone, whenever it is you decide to roll the dice and see what heroes come up.


When it starts Return of Morlovia? I don’t SEE anything and in Europe it is 22th oct already :slight_smile:

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Egypt is already 6:32 am 22nd Oct

If it follows the same timing schedule as a challenge event, I’m guessing in another couple of hours.

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Australia it’s mid afternoon 22nd. Been waiting all day :frowning:


Lets hope so … I am on fire waiting xD

I toold to my friends from Allince to dont spend their diamonds and tokens to USe it in event and now they Say that is my fault and wants to kick me out :rofl: :rofl:

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Poor you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah. I’m afraid! PLS fix it :rofl:

October 21st, 23:55 in my neck of the woods. Super excited, but I bet I’ll be asleep before it arrives!

6 Am 22/10 in France no Portal :confused: :confused:

Its that time when all NASCAR drivers are looking to the starting flag.
Vrooom vrooom your Gems …
Start your Tokens …


There needs to be an in game clock so u can see the date and time for events.

Hope Halloween will bring us great rewards to all of us
Happy times :smile:

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… and event is nowhere to be found? Trick or treat!? No treats this year, only tricks. Tricks of “not being here”

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It’s here! Charrrrrracters

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any idea on Nov HOTM?

just started on halloween easy stage here

Guessed to be Zimkitha, red, apparently similar but opposite to Zeline in some ways.

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