Today I got

…the fine gloves I need to ascend Tarlak to third tier!

Let’s be positive and celebrate the wins rather than focusing on the many things we wish we had. I’ve always been a glass half full kinda guy.


Congrats! They’ve actually been quite generous with the gloves lately (possible 2 from Avalon if you did both epic and legendary, + an additional one from Farholme)

That’s great, because many on the forum (and several players in my alliance) have been needing gloves.

Personally I’m running dangerously low on compasses at the moment, but trying to remain hopeful that a compass event will be popping soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


I was lucky enough to get 3 compasses from an elemental chest recently so I’m good for those for a while

An orb and a cape for A+ on a 7 star.


You got 3 from one chest? Dang! I want your RNG. :grin:

Anyway, congrats! I’m usually not that lucky myself, but I still try to be happy for others when they have good luck. It’s not their fault that I didn’t get what I wanted. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yesterday I got darts in MV, meaning I now have 6 of them! Yay! Still dont know who should get them though…


Always happy to hear good news around here.

Personally, my luck is very streaky. But last week I got these on back to back titans…

I feel @TGW sneering at me already :slight_smile:


Always happy to celebrate with a fellow player who has good fortune. Tarlak looks like a great hero. Congratulations!


Zero sneering. I have 5 tomes, 6 D. blades and 8 pairs of gloves.:man_shrugging:

Main items I need right now are compasses, shields, hidden blades, scopes and tabards.


I feel like there is a global tabard shortage


May be. But I’m okay if I don’t get them. Only 5* purple I have is Obakan anyway. I’m hoping that by the time I get 2 more tabards, I’ll have a better legendary purple.

EDIT: okay, okay, full disclosure. I oftentimes complain about my luck (and yes, my luck is usually pretty bad). But occasionally I do get unfarmable mats from random chests (and even mystic visions). Just never the ones I need at that moment so I tend to forget about them.

Yesterday, I got a warm cape from the titan. And I’ve been getting quite a few trap tools in the past few weeks as well.

So there. Glass half full. Would I rather have a compass, or one of the other badly needed items on my grocery list? Absolutely! But I guess I have to admit that the other items will also come in handy eventually, once I get the rest of what I need.

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I have plenty of tabards :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just got a Tome from Farholme, which seems to be the only place I ever get them now. That gives me two. One is earmarked for my Ariel, the other I haven’t decided yet. Maybe I’ll wait until I get around to Domitia, or get the darts I need for my second Joon. I could always go Horghall :laughing: or Elkanan :grin: or Kadilen :rofl:

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I’ll trade you tomes for tabards. I have 19 tomes now. :expressionless:

Sometimes I think SG just likes to mess with us.


LOL I haven’t had 19 Tomes in total


I just got a Tonic from a Titan Chest. Even though I already had 6 waiting for (fingers crossed) Kingston. Still a Very welcome surprise :slight_smile:


This backlog of tomes… I might actually be tempted to use the last level of alchemy lab. Oh wait, it’ll take 6 months before I have it ready. Not worth the effort.

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Plus you might trade 2 tomes and a million ham to get back … a tome


Isn’t level 10 one 4* mat for one 4* mat? In all seriousness, my tomes outnumber my other mats to such a degree, I’d probably do it if I had the lab maxed.

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I believe it is but there is ham and/or gems involved too as I recall. Also I think they set it so you can’t get the same item back but it is random what you do get.

Yup just checked the Beta Beat and it’s 250 gems and 256k food for 4* items (subject to change).

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