To zocc or not to zocc

I just got my 12th tonic so i can play around a lil. Should i pull the trigger on the irritating goblin ballon guy or would you rather level someone like a vanilla kadilen? Roster doesnt matter this level up would be for depth.

From what I understand Zocc’s SS is extremely useful against bosses or the last stages of the Ninja Tower.

I generally use Alfrike on tanks but I would appreciate having a sniper casting mindless attack at average speed against most bosses especially in Season 3.

If I were you I’d max Zocc without a blink. But it depends on who else you’ve got.


Thats the thing at first everybody hated zocc and every since hes been popping up more and more in raids i decided to search deeper. He seems very viable now

I’ve liked him from the start. Yes he is great in pve but he is absolutely invaluable in my raiding and if I could level 6 of him for war teams I would. Shuts down specials even if rogue dodged and let’s you tile dump into tanks especially if fast (2 mindless attacks can be coaxed out, which when combined with his base damage equates to a full snipe damage at least). Particularly useful against ninjas


I was thinking along those lines but you put it in plain mans terms thanks

You have got me reassessing him. I would love to see his mindless attack on an Alfrike tank. That would be sweet.

I increasingly value my Zocc in raids.

The new reverse formation in particular is causing me vexation - it’s really helpful to be able to attack one side of the board and keep another hero quiet on the other side.

People do point out that he’s risky against clerics and monks, but with dodging rogues and ninjas, resurrecting fighters etc there are far fewer ‘safe’ shots throughout the game.


Monks and clerics are “risky”. So I do avoid these when I can - on occasion I will try to shut down one of these, and on even rarer occasion this backfires on me. It is probably worth looking at (some of) the heroes you can totally shut down with 0 risk:

  • Frigg (dodging will only avoid the damage, not the mindless attack)
  • Any ninja (I think - at least the high damage dealing ones)
  • Finley
  • Odin
  • Killhare
  • C Kad
  • GM
  • Vela
  • JF
  • Ursena
  • Krampus
  • Tel
  • Freya
  • Sif
  • etc, etc.

My Zocc is absolutely invaluable in shutting down the most dangerous enemy special


I like my Zocc no regrets in maxing him.

Regarding clerics and monks I fire him at them when the special is ready/almost ready, so if it gets resisted, they would’ve fitted the special anyway next turn anyway.

He is also effective against the rare unicorn Titan!

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Zocc is part of my green team. He is very good. Mana control is one my favorite skill.

Also before on blue titans I was using mikki evelyn buddy lianna and alberich. Now I am using tarlak evelyn buddy lianna and zocc. It also work better for Unicorns :slight_smile:

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Well, the sum of it all. Really. I rate him and Margaret at the bottom of all nature HOTMs when released. I even fnd Bertila better in certain conditions. I want to wipe out that smug smile of his, which you always see hovering on your Stronghold.

But then again, I do understand that most players don’t have the same luck when summoning and the same heroes and troops. I guess players can ascend him, if there are no better alternatives and that there are tons of ascension materials idle.

Maybe greens are just spoiled! :crazy_face:

I’d suggest that he’s more useable in raids than Zulag, Thoth, Noor (don’t hit me @Homaclese), Ranvir, Perseus, Greg, Mush or Ares.

And particularly good against ninja’s

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I love him against titans. Especially the ones that have time consuming specials. Gives more time to hit it with shields.

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Yeah. Well, making the titan hit himself due to Mindless Attack is a cool thing to see. Even my 3/70 Zocc can do that. But we all know that heroes’ special damaging skills matter little on titans as it is the tile damage that governs it. For a player to score big against blue titans, it is my humble opinion that such team should be composed of Tarlak, Frigg, Evelyn, Gregorion and Ratatoskr. I don’t have Tarlak and Frigg and my squirrel is still at 3/70 so what do I know. But still, Zocc ain’t in my book for better titan scoring.

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I go Evelyn - Liana - Zocc - buddy - squirrel/Wu

I think Zocc potentially saves 2 seconds per animation, so maybe up to six in total.b

Almur is also a great new 4* sub for the Evelynless.

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Can you direct me to a thread where costume Brienne as a better alternative to Buddy (who I am using against blue titans but his minions take my precious seconds). Her defense down should be better than Frigg, capping at -65%, like Athena does. If none, I guess I am gonna emblem costumed Brienne and check for myself.

@Bruno82 is a smart guy but I don’t know if he tested it much?

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I am facing the Zocc or not to Zocc question as well. I have 6 tonics, but have held off on pulling the trigger. Right now it is between him and Bertila. Maybe I’ll wait until the next costume chamber to see if cKadilen pops up. But I have been reading incresingly good press on Zocc…

Already maxed are Heimdall, LotL, Francine, Elkanen, Lianna, Lady Locke and Kingston.

Greens are my hardest because I have lots of greens I’d like to max over other colors where I have mats. I just did Kingston, and I have Heimdall, Tarlak and Telly finished. CKadilen and Zocc at 3/70 and Toxicandra and Bertilla waiting to start on.

I’m the same @Shunt. This game just gives me masses of Green 5* and I do really like Zocc (I use Merlin a lot, especially in Rush raid/war) so that level of mana control is something I have experience in using :joy:

But every-time I get near that ascension question BOOM…a new 5* green lands and gives me headaches. I was all set to ascend Bertila first (I really need a hit all that’s decent in green) and then I got Frigg…so she got the tonics and poor Zocc stays at 3-70.

I have G.Chameleon, Ratatoskr, Bertila & Zocc all sat at 3-70 now and I’d happily ascend all of them…

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