To whom it may concern]

I do not know if you know what you’ve done by making mercing obsolete? You have made a lot of good players quit and that is not a good thing. I very rarely “whine” about anything but I think you just shot yourself in the foot with that decision. I understand that you feel you are making the game fair, but to us that play it looks very greedy! I see a big backlash from the decisions that you have made and to everyone it feels as though your taking away and not giving back. I don’t want to say how much I’ve spent on this game cause it’s rather embarrassing but the problem is I see way more ppl than myself who have spent way much more! An at the end of the day when you take something away and give nothing in return you lose revenue and dedicated players. I will say this as it has been discussed since I’ve been playing is you guys need to make a trade option very soon. One where you trade a unleveled hero a 5 for a 5, 4 for a 4 and so on and so forth. You have got to give something back or I’m afraid you will find ppl going to play other games. I only tell you this because I have such love for the game and don’t want to see it destroyed or unraveled because of stupid decisions made. I also believe that putting trainer heros in the daily summons would be a much needed improvement for you go in there to obtain your token and you really don’t care what you get cause you know it’s all crap. I know you need to make money for your expenses but if you don’t start giving back you want need to worry about expenses because everyone will have moved on to a cheaper/next thing game. These are my opinions and everyone has one but I have love for the game and worry that it’s about to be destroyed. P. S. I don’t do rants at all so typing this was very painful but out of concern.


I know many players who have alt accounts and they use those accounts for MERCing. So much for that. Those alt accounts were used to have fun outside of the alliance to have fun and meet many people throughout the game not just those in their alliances.

If it were really about meeting people and having fun, this update did nothing to stop that. but be honest, if you stop playing on an alt account where you’re “just having fun” because of this change, then it wasn’t about the fun, it’s about the loot.

FYI i don’t care one way or another about the change since i don’t merc. If they revert the change later I’d be ok with that too.


Even after the update don’t mercs get more loot overall than those who stick in an alliance, just less than before?

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