To Thorne or not to Thorne...this is a question?

I’m one telescope away from the final ascension mats for Thorne, and since I only have Grimm and Boril I have taken Thorne to 3.50ish and was ready to finish him off. Then the other day I pulled Miki so I’m thinking I may just finish taking Thorne to 3.70 and go gung ho on Miki. I have enough capes for Miki so he also just needs one telescope. I’m still up in the air though, cause I have Wu for Titans already and really need another blue for everything else.

Feeling better about feeding Thorne all the time. Got him at 3^40 now, and he’s on track for scopes. Thanks for this bit of hard data.


If I ever get six scopes again, I think he may get the call for me, honestly.

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You definitely convinced me to give him a shot…in the meantime I eventually got kiril, so before maxing thorne I’ll improve my healers team (only 4 - boldie, sabina, mel and rigard - kiril was missing).

Miki is also my second 5* blue but I will max Thorne when I get scopes if no other blue 5* comes my way. Miki seems too slow for my playstyle,so until my mana troops are high enough to make him average he is relegated to titans only with mana pots

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Yeah I can’t fault that thinking. Plus with ivydata’s erm data, he’s prolly a good choice after all. Miki seems more for just Titans and map/quest bosses.

I’m still using him at 3.70 along with rest of my team of maxed 4*s and so far doing same or better in raids than when I use a 4.50 Triton instead of him.

That’s really great to hear, as I hate facing Triton. He’s such a hard hitter that I always steer my tiles to the other side of the board until Proteius can shut him up, haha.

Thorne or Isarnia?

I have Aegir+6 as my only blue 5*. After a year of play, Grimm still hasn’t found his way to me.
So I think the Ice Queen is the right choice for Titans and a 3-2 blue stack with Aegir and Kiril (Triton)?

Thorne is a solid choice for tank/flank.

Best to bring him to 3/70 and decide again.
Also, it depends if you are F2P / C2P / P2P.

If P2P, wait for Atlantis or some other even to pull.

If your answer was for me, I have Aegir+6. He’s my tank at war, because we play blue tanks.
My regular tank is Guin. I do not know in which group I am located with less than 50 euros spent.
Maybe vC2P :smile:

Isarnia and Thorn are both at 3.70., but I can’t use them on our 10* and occasionally 11* Titans.
Thorne’s attack is too weak and Isarnia get’s one shotted.

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For you, it has to be Isarnia.

Rare though for someone playing so long without Grimm in their roster. :rofl:


Not only Grimm, I miss Boldtusk too :cry:
Two of the best 4s in the game…

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I have been pondering this same decision: Isarnia, Thorne, or wait? In contrast to @MBoedel, I have Grimm at +18. Is Isarnia’s better special really that much of an improvement, given her slow speed? I do have Miki, but plan to take him to only 3.70. That’s enough for the 8-9* Titans we face. I guess i’m Somewhere b/w C2P and P2P? I usually try to do a 10-pull during most events. Usually only use the coins for Atlantis, so the wait could be a long one. Or not (I’m sure if I level Thorne I’ll get a better blue choice right away lol)

Thorne is very poor. However if your choice is limited then maybe level him. Such a disappointment to get a 5* and then realise how bad he is. Still possibly not as bad as Margaret. Got them both…

Did you give him more attack or health?

How far did you take Thorne?

Attack for now. I felt he could use more of a jump start there but his health is the 2nd priority for me. The next “block” of upgrades will put him at 687-811-1451. That will be defense, health, and mandatory attack. He’ll be +10 at that point. 702 attack @ +11. From there I’ll reevaluate and decide which way I wanna go .


I’ve got Thorne at 2/60 where he’ll probably stay for quite awhile. He’ll be competing for scopes and capes with Magni, Misandra and Miki, all at 3/70. I don’t see Thorne jumping ahead of the first two in the queue.

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I was going to max Thorne all the way. I brought him to 2/60. Then I pulled Azlar and Domitia from tc20. Now I am working on them two. If by the time I finish I still don’t have a better blue, I will go back to Thorne and continue working on him.

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