To the quiet storm

@LadyRobynHood and the rest . Thank you . I appreciate everything you all did in my short time there . I especially appreciate lady , pip and tree . I learned exactly where I am and where I want to be . For now I am going off to become stronger to be able to play at a level I feel is of sufficient aid to an alliance as strong as the storm . Not one for long goodbyes so from the bottom of my heart I thank you all and I am leaving a boy and someday shall return a man. Be well fight well and stay awesome until we meet again .


We’re sorry you left and you will be missed. Please come visit us again anytime. We really enjoyed having you with us. I know I speak for both tree and Pip when I say you were a pleasure to have with us.


I am working on stuff . Sadly mostly a kick a$$ three star team . Levels of Zulag and working on Magni . Zartana next . I miss you all. I’ll be back soon after my war chest is filled hopefully this weekend .

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