To the devs

Hi all . I have been playing this game for about a year now. All I see on the forum is complaints . I wanted to say is this game hard ? Yes is it frustrating trying to level up and get 5 stars ? Yes but this game is awesome . It has so many aspects to it that keep you playing . Would you rather have a game that you beat in a week ? Devs you guys are doing a great job keep it up ! And to all you complainers do us a favor and delete the game if you hate it so much .


In addition another great advantage of this game is that with the new antiaircraft shields that makes us lose interest in the Raids and the phases of season 2 that quickly deplete our energy, now we will have more free time.

Is your cup total high enough that raid shields make a difference to you ?

If yes congratulations. :slight_smile:

Have a look on community content section, loads of positive threads, whimsy, fan fiction, comedy and no shortage of comic poetry😊

But yes, the bad board conspiracies get a little tiresome