Over & over I keep reading online about how pathetically ridiculous the rewards are in this game.
Completely laughable drop ratio’s on the summons portals as well.
If you pull from an Epic, then you would think that you have a good chance of getting an Epic, but not so, Summoning from an EPIC or LEGEND means you are MOST LIKELY going to summon an unhelpful 3* that you probably already have 4000 of.
Paying money? for what?.. a 99.99% chance of getting a low level card. I’M EXCITED!!
Yeah I know your gonna say the chances are better than that, what? 2%… 3% , give me a break.
what ever the case, It is completely unfair that customers are expected to pay for thousands of gems, have 10 or 20 pulls, only to get repeated cards & not even a hero of the month. Very unfair INMO.

This needs to be addressed, where summoning becomes more exciting and not a reacquiring nightmare.

The other thing that totally needs addressing is the REWARDS I cannot express how many players are so turned off this game cause of the low grade rewards offered after hard fought battles.

A big example of this is the TITAN battles,

Way over a million hit points, takes up to 30 players working together to defeat it, have to log in several times to attack, use up lots of battle items that could be used on map battles, and the long time it takes to overpower. After all of this, don’t you think, something , doesn’t have to be magical, at least one ascension item or gold summon token, for all that work, just one for the battle hard fought, along with the usual goodies, Is this too much for Small Giant? a digital reward? Too much?
Yes, keep the game challenging & adventurous, but not ridiculous & cringe worthyly stingy.

So many ppl have dumped this game or just lost interest in it for the above reasons. Many more to follow.

I could go on further regarding the event challenges but you can read enough comments to see that also needs some major fixes.

After all that sword swinging & shield bashing & the odd power hit, I must point out that the above post is strictly my opinion & not the opinion of the vast majority. No personal offense is intended & replies & opinions on my slash attack are respectfully accepted.

There are fantastic aspects of this game I admit, more so than it’s bad points, addressed & updated this game will knock the socks off it’s fan base.



Summoning works perfectly well. The system of rewards chest is great. Keep doing what you’re doing, SG.


Yes keep ripping off the players, in the hope that they will get good 5* cards for their hard earned money.
More gems means more failures.
Fight high ranking titans to get saw dust as a reward.

your reply to this topic was unhelpful and completely , well, you know the rest.


What happened to “in future I won’t be reading any more of your unhelpful rubbish”? I thought we had a deal? :kissing_closed_eyes:


You made me smile & chuckle when I read that. You’re right , we had a deal.
But hey, you win.

No hard feelings.


Jeeeeeeeeeeesus Christ. Just uninstall the game. There’s a lot of complaining on this forum from various members, but you’re making me want to stop visiting.


Sorry man, I’ll tone it down a bit.
It’s just that it’s a really good game, but they’ve really stuffed up big in these areas.
keep up the visits and look after yourself.

Best wishes.


Now I feel bad!

A lot of people will agree with you on summons and loot drops, personally I don’t have an issue with either but hey, different people will get different results. And the event difficulty Vs. rewards subject is unanimously hated. But yeah, please try and reign it in a bit.
Hope you get back to enjoying the game again.


I disagree the summons and loot needs to be fixed its lousy now I have multiple duplicate of Tyrum and Azar


LOL that is some real necro


Duplicates don’t necessarily make it lousy: 4 dupes = level up your special for that fifth card. If you’ve ever encountered a special that just wont level up, you come to appreciate these extras.

I eat the dupes I don’t want (many a Tyrum has gone down…) :wink: