To the Devs a new idea that may help appease many of us disgruntled players


So everyday we are given a daily free token that pulls regular heroes. What would be awesome is say we could collect thise daily tokens for 7-10 days at which point we would be presented with the option to convert them into 1 epic token. Then if we collected say 3-5 epic tokens we would be presented with the option to convert them into a special token that would give us say a 40% increased chance of pulling a 4* or higher hero and say a 25% increased cgance to pull a legendary hero. It would help the players who did not benifit from your gigantic sale get closer to being even set with those who did. You could add dont wait fir a set gem price too if you wanted to.
Also sonce your previous b4 this last update it is now impossible to ascend some heroes as the items needed are NEVER given EVER anymore despite it saying we can find them in wanted missions and defeating titans. However I have seen them in ascension pkgs you sell for gems. Problem with that is your adcension pkgs say “chance to get at least 2 of these” from a good dozen items. So even though its a possibility its very unlikely you will get what you actually need. Players get frustrated and after soending once and being let diwn their unlikely to buy again especially at the costs you have set. So either lowering the cost and offering pkgs that will actualy give you what you need would increase player satisfaction which would innevitebly increase your income from the game. Ppl are more likely to buy more often when the price is right. And if it took less gems to buy stuff ppl would use them more quickly too meaning they would be re buying more frequently at a faster rate. The way yiu have it nuw ppl buy once out if frustration then realize it was a complete waste of money as it didnt really help them so they never buy again and hold onto the gems they have like theres no tommorow. Ur working against yourselves the way you have things set up. I run a company and trust ne you naje mire money when you offer more customers are mire likely to buy again and again if they perceive the buy as a good deal. Right now we are pretty much all in agreement that yiyr prices to buy gems is way out there and worse the cost to use gems is insane too. Someone wants troops ready right away instead of a days wait well thats gonna cost them over 700 gems…litterally over $10 in real money…guess what we are waiting cause it isnt worth our hard earned money! Your costs are disproportionate to what we get for it. Beleive me if you changed your peocing scheme in favor of your players you would be astonished at how much more money you would actually be raking in. Dont beleive me…put it out as a beta test make us well aware its just a test for a few weeks and it may be discontinued if it fails. Than you get to try out that theiey see fir urselves huw much more money it brings in n if it doesnt u can go back n everyone will at least b glad u tried to rectify things. We own a company my husnabd and I…we charge a third less than our competitors plus we offer more than our competitors. Guess what we also make more than our competitors too cause ppl want us to do the work for them cause its a good value for their hard earned money. We are so busy we dont even afvertise anymore!!! So I know what I am talking about. You will get rich much faster and stay that way if you make things more affordable. And your real money is NOT in a one time buyer its in your repeat buyers. The way you are set up now you will eventually run out of steam as new players realize the same as the rest of us and never buy again…so your income will start to fail rather than grow and maintain.


I love that idear it would make me happy


I wonder if players would pay to directly buy missing ascension items? Not “chance to get 2 off a list of x items”, but directly purchase that missing “orb of magic” or “hidden blade”, etc.

Would that be worth it to the player base? As a temporary offering? As a permanent one?


I’d love to see some changes to the ascension pack as well. Ideally 1 guaranteed (random still fine) rare or epic ascension item, and then whatever else comes with that roll. As well, to take out the items that have no value to players (backpacks and wooden swords are at least still useful, and enough of them might feel like a prize). I’m a long time heavy grinder, and it’s worked for me rather well so far, but further changes to the ascension pack would be welcome.


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I’d be annoyed to get 1 backpack…but 4 or more backpacks might make me smile (the game recently gave me 4 and it was an anomaly) :wink:


Yes I also fully agree on the game offers the real need items of the players, the game would make more money so because people who were having difficulties to find in the tests would want to buy their item of rise because there are people wue ha is the one Month looking for this is very stressful and demotivating for the players then selling the separate ascending items will make more money so you will see and everyone was happy and always wanting more heroes because they know they will be able to raise


I do like that the packs are random, it gives this grinder a tiny hope of getting somewhere someday. :slight_smile:


I like it when the random items are all high quality, but that’s just me… :grin:


I agree, most of us are looking for the higher quality ascension items. I have way too many gloves, battle manuals, Damascus blades. Some items like darts, telescope, royal tabbards - I have only seen in the Easter event; where one of each could be obtained. Most of us need 5 more but no where to be found. Need more quests where they are available.
Don’t get me started on the trap tools, tonics- those are almost as impossible to receive.
The game should be set up with effort you can obtain these items; not just buy an opportunity to receive… There needs to be a balance of opportunity.
We need new quests where we can earn them.


I have a single dart, and I know I got it from the game…they’re out there!!


I would buy but at a decent price


What would you consider a decent price for each item? Let’s say Magic Rings and Gloves, to name two…


I think a fair price for an ascension item costing from 50 to 70 diamonds I wanted it to be bought


I agree that would be a fair price provided they are guaranteed at that price; dont want a chance of…


I’m not sure I agree. I can make 50 diamonds in less than a week. Paying only that for a coveted ascension item? Hmm…


I think they should have a customizable ascension pkg for very rare items needed to ascend any hero to level 4 or higher. Say at a cost of 300 to 500 gems, you could pick say 2 or 3 from a list of those items . They could present it as icons you tap to choose, or you could type in the name of the item. So it would be: Choose your first item: (type in item name) then the icon of item appears and you click ok. Then it would say choose 2nd item…
so then you are guaranteed the items you needed to ascend higher levelled heroes and they would still make money because most ppl would opt to buy more gems knowing their items are guaranteed rather than random where they discover quite quickly the items NEVER show up in their purchases. Once a player has been robbed like that they dont bother spending anymore of their money. So the devs are losing out and seriously frustrating their fan base. Many players have left the game completely because their prices are far too high for random chances that very rarely if ever produce what the player was hoping for.
Cause personally I have been stuck for over a mth now looking for trap tools (I am convinced now they dont exist) and pocket watch thingy…to ascend my 4* to level 4 so I can complete the heroes full potential.

Something has to change in the last few weeks we have lost several members of our alliance and we are convinced it is due to the insane level of difficulty to progress in the game. People are willing to pay a reasonable price for things but this game has some insanely high cost for gem purchases combined with the xrazy amount of gems you need to use to finish a building without waiting. Often costing more than 1800 gems which costs $29.99 in REAL MONEY! thats outrageous no one would waste that kind of money to have a building completed right away…so instead we are stuck waiting days on end for it to complete and cant build anything else until it does! If they are going to keep that model…they should at least let us build 2at a time…a little off topic but was on my mind! Lol really hoping the devs figure out soon that they will make more money and sustain their incoming income much longer if they make their costs accross the board more reasonable for ppl to buy and use.


I would love to buy a small guaranteed ascension item or two. I’m a big fan of “what you see is what you get”. :wink:


I agree with rook but i would add one more thing some accention item you can get on the map so i would like to see the packs only sell item you cannot get on the map in those pack deals its a wast of money when you buy those pack and you get item that you can get on the map thats just rediculous.


I have thought about purchasing the ascension pack because I’m so desperate for those rare items that you can ‘only find in titan battle s and water missions’ because I MIGHT get ONE every other month as a constant 1-3 placer in battles. But as soon as I see that there’s a chance I’ll get a stupid wooden sword or backpack I refuse to purchase.

I have been playing enough, and you can earn those on almost every single map level. If I spent actual money, which I’m willing to do, I would be FURIOUS if I received one, let alone two of them in a two-pack!

I just don’t understand why the devs seem to want our money by making these items nearly impossible to receive, but not giving people options to actually spend their money?