To the best players - what is the secret to get boards that are playable

Seriously game has been steadily going downhill … it is so ridiculous that too many raids and wars you literally get no matches … I’m not talking great starting boards … but an ability to even fire off one single special prior to match ending .

I want to know how players can get 6 one shots in wars or even win in raids , when the game literally does not give you matches

When I started playing , the team you assembled and manner of play style dictated the result … now it’s literally matches where you get no colour matches or too many .

I’m in top 50 ally , but boy oh boy my involvement of the game has drastically decreased this year and at the stage where I am about to quit , because team setup , strength or hero or troops means Diddly squat when I can’t even get a 3 match let alone try play for a 4 or 5 match hit .


If you’re constantly struggling with boards play rainbow for a bit, make synergistic teams where there’s no bad tile for you.

Change up what you’re doing if it isn’t working.


Im in a top 100 which frequently goes top 50 and occasionally top 10.
Average war score is 245, dipped into sub-200 scores 3 times out of the last 30 wars.
I worked hard to get to that consistency and the major contributor to that is careful construction of my teams, and careful matching up to opponent teams. I have almost completely moved off mono (1 mono yellow per war left) with other teams ranging from 4-1 through to 2-1-1-1. As @Shunt says - the more tile options you have, the better. I am playing around with a fully rainbow reflect team at the moment that I will try to incorporate too. I have also made a conscious focus on working on my healers, with each team averaging 2 healers in different colors. Getting those healers (most of whom are 4*) maxed, emblemed and in some cases LB has really helped the overall effectiveness of my teams.

As mentioned I also try to look for synegies not just within my own team but also with the opponent teams. Dispels, cleanses, reflects, minion counters, buffers, battle of attirtion style heroes - all need to be factored in.

You might say that all of the above is common sense, but it is not just that - it took a long learning curve for me, lots of experimentation (raids are good for that) before I got the formula pretty right - and that is after 2 years+ of experience under my belt. And I am still learning, especially as new heroes are released so frequently.

Tile play also comes into it, but choosing the right team vs the right team gives you the best chances of turning poor-average boards around. And you have to play differently depending on which heroes you are facing and whether you are playing VF or another format. With many color options I tend to try to make moves from the top as much as possible in order to make multiple combinations wherever possible, charging simultaneously. I sometimes go for less appealing moves which give mana to more passive heroes (such as Freya or Bera) instead of a “better” move into a more dangerous hero like Frigg. With VF I play much more carefully, often avoiding diamonds and multi moves and just focusing on getting 3-tile matches.

I know theres a lot of high level stuff covered above, but it kind of has to start there…


I think it’s very healthy for the game that the designers are working to get people off the very basic “attack mono, punch out the tank, ghost tiles and crush them before they can even fire” it’s an incredibly boring way to play and it’s gambling, you live or die by the board

I’d rather live and die on my wits, how well did I put a team together for this attack? I’ve always raided rainbow, I mono attack on Titans, I use 3-2 on the Ninja Tower, Wars and tournaments it can be anything. the play is dictated by the situation.

This basic strategy has also led to people being so obsessed with mana speed over all else. This is my main team I do all my raids with both attack and defense. It’s also my war defense. My troops are all 4* mana lev.15-16

Notice they’re all slow or v slow, with one average. No fast or very fast - yet I’m rarely below 2600 cups.

The two healers keep me alive enough for the others to fire, which usually crushes the opponents who may have fired one or two rounds with weak fast specials.


Boards have not changed. Some days you’re the windshield, some days you’re the bug.

What has changed is defenses have gotten deadlier. So there’s not as much room any more to clear some space, take some hits and then get some matches.


Pray to the great Cthulu… Go slow on the board … Scream violently at it… Get a wrist strap for your phone so u don’t throw it… And what everyone else suggested :laughing: But seriously rngeeesus gets us all and going in with a clear head ( in my case drunk) helps alot too :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’d post some teams that you use and videos of your playing. I’m sure many would gladly point out what matches they would have made. It’s helpful to include more than just the bad boards.


Love the team :+1:

Just one idea, maybe switch heimdall and Alfrike. I don’t think that would influence your defense, but it could be helpful for offense when you use this team. I’m always uncomfortable raiding with my 2 healers side by side where the danger is that they get hit with some hit 3 heroes and die simultaneously.
Although probably at the moment with all those minion, buff (taunt, riposte) and Aoe heroes on defense it isn’t really game changing :man_shrugging:

I’m not a name but mono is now a high risk strategy imo. Play the boards using a identical mono team; that’s for youtubers imo.

Go 3, 2 on colour or try it it neutral or off colour. Works for me 60% of the time

Good luck and happy gaming. :vulcan_salute:


Playing mono is high risk but also High reward, but it also has to go with how high your troops are Mana troops have to be a certain levels to shorten the amount of tiles you need to fire up your specials. There’s a ton of variables that go into this. The main thing is don’t get frustrated and keep experimenting and playing around with your Heroes you’ll get there and when in doubt do what I do turn on some music and picture your mother-in-law standing behind the raid line… :laughing: it’s an extra incentive to take them out of the way


Cheers, my mana troops are +11 (not much of a boast I agree) but they make a difference, especially on defence. :slightly_smiling_face:

My secret on board is i know exactly at how many tiles ur particular hero get full mana… 90% of times i win my raids even my war score is alwys above 250 points no matter against which opponent we are playing… When u reach high level game ull ge tougher opponent so aprox 50points per team 250 points in war pretty descent…That score gets higher also…

Its a board puzzle game u have to think before making matches early bad bords can turn into very good boards


Proteus says: shh, don’t tell him not to put two non-cleric, non-monk healers side by side :smiling_imp:


The reason i have them set that way is so when it’s in defense I want the healers to fire first, and CViv’s defense down first and Athena’s better DD last.

It’s always a compromise somewhere for sure

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I honestly would not ask advice from top players, which have have the best heroes around, multiple lv 30 troops and sometimes even already limit breaked legendary heroes.

With that kind of environment, suddenly all kind of boards turn to easy when your heroes can sustain 2 opposite specials and you just need something like 8 tiles to bring your raid at home.

Better watch some good board worker with more “normal” condition to learn something useful.

I see too many people rely on mana to win the match.


[quote=“Shunt, post:4, topic:245222”]

[/quote] In wars I win an average of 5 out of six. So mono still works. I try to make my monoteams fast or very sturdy. In green I have good results with Liana+18, cMelendor+20, Elkane FCB +8, Kadilen+6 and Hansel+20.
In Red I use two minion summoners ( Noor and Reuben), in yellow Uraeus gives everyone a minion, strengthening the whole team.
In Blue Magni and Lepus are fast Snipers doing a lot of damage.

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You can buy heroes but not gameplay skills.
I know a lot of players who can manage both.

@Mr.Spock is a great example on that.

Board management can be learned.
A full 5* hero attack can bear to receive more damage than a non-emblemed 4* hero team.

I think @Homaclese made a very great description on how to improve the gameplay :blush:

I have watched a lot of YouTube videos to see how others make their attack teams.
Especially war-streams. I dont have the exact same heroes but I can still learn something from watching the gameplay and synergi :blush:


EP Heidi, agree fully with you. We had a teammate who bought a huge number of heroes over 3 years but maxed only 10. She was an extreme case, but nevertheless, there are players who believe that buying is all there is to the game.

As for the initial question: I suggest join a good alliance and ask good players what they did and how they defeated the enemy. Most players are more than happy to pass their knowledge on. Also record your games and ask for suggestions howcto improve your game. - I suggest a training alliance which is part of a family of alliances. Oh, and whenever you get good advice, screenshot it!

I don’t find that the boards got worse.


What you said couldn’t be further from the truth for me.

I run a few teams that are getting close to rainbow and with those kinds of teams I have to weather multiple iterations of enemy specials before I gain a definitive advantage. I also run a noor/baldur team that is specifically set up to be a battle of attrition team

I don’t think it’s right to dismiss players who spend - as @EPHeidi said skills have nothing to do with whether you spend or not. The op was asking feedback from “top players” which to me is not players with top rosters but rather those who use strategy to consistently win


Lol, define “skills” in empires and puzzle.

I used to watch a lot of top players “skills” and say for sure i would do exactly the same moves 90% of the time.
I even stop the video and say the move before it happen.

Right now, most of the experienced players reasoning almost in the same way
, and what really change is team composition, which of course is different for every person.

Of course i can say some people are better then others, but most of them doesn’t do anything special to me.

Mana troops makes much more the difference, as charging one turn before others a key hero (even Rigard) totally chance the outcome of a raid.

Only relatively new players (less then 1 year) can still learn something from it.

I’m more then 4 years in, and i can say my way of raiding changed very little just to adapt on new heroes speed/specials.

I can’t complain on my win ratio and i’ve always enjoyed raiding.


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