To summon your desired hero doesn't have to be impossible any more. Let's look at this idea together!

Exactly :+1:

But old(er) HotMs and (Seasonal) Event Heroes arenโ€™t available in TC 20.

This is actually why we suggested the idea :+1: Gradually increased chance for your selected hero is exacly what would give me some value whether I spend money or save diamonds for a long time :wink:

Itโ€™s just one hero :innocent:

We spend gems for summons at the current % rate.

Why not create the summons with different levels of %'s each obvisously with increased % for higher level.

Example. We all know how the current summo s works so I am going to explain it here but lets add different levels to the current system.

300 gems for a single pull at 2.5%
500 gems " " " " at 4%
750 gems " " " " at 6.5%

Just a thought of a different aspect of increasing %'s without making it unreachable to f2p players.

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I like that, too, Ozy :sunglasses:

Here is what I always do โ†’

  1. I play every day for several hours almost one year.
  2. For a few months I save as many diamonds as possible from daily chests, Titans, Wars, Quests and Events to summon a particular hero if it is available. After doing that, I always fail to summon it.
  3. I buy limited diamond offers and a VIP every month.

That all means Iโ€™m a loyal player supporting your game @EmpiresPuzzles @mhalttu @Petri @KiraSG @Sara

I still enjoy playing it, but shouldnโ€™t I get at least the better odds to summon my desired hero for all of that? :thinking: Just one of the several other heroes, which I failed to summon :sunglasses: