To summon or not to summon


so i’m sort of in need/want of a new fire hero. i have the gems to summon 2 full 10 pulls. currently red is my elemental summon and with natalya as the HoM, today would be a good day to pull…
however, the event is in 2 days and pulling with a chance at both HoM and event heroes is usually really nice. but if i wait i doubt fire will be back up in time meaning i could completely miss out on a fire hero.

decisions decisions…


if the event ends over the weeknd, there’s still time after that before the end of the month to cycle through all the colors. 2 days each times 5 = 10 days.


can you still get even heroes after the event is over? i thought they went away after the event was over?


The event summon allows for any color hero, so likelihood of a 5* red is pretty small. If you only want a red hero, the red elemental summon would be a better bet.


Indeed, event summon it’s like an epic summon + event heroes.

You have to ask yourself if event heroes are worth to eventually lose the chance to get what you need.
You have a little chance to get 20 non fire heroes, and a great chance to not get what you want.

As to say that Lancelot is a fire-event hero, and a good one.


These event heroes are all good and worth pulling for. standard red heroes you can get at any time from summons or training camps.


May I ask when does the event start? Couldn’t find info on the news


You make a perfect point as the new event heroes look great, just thought red elemental may be better choice if you ONLY need a red 5*.

I do not know if the event summon chance of rolling a 5* is equal to the same percentage chance of 5* on epic summon, or elemental summon?


This thursday…


I agree with @havok333 on this: if you’re really looking for a good fire hero, pull elemental. Lancelot is fine, but there are no bad 4* or 5* fire heroes. In my view I wouldn’t reduce the odds by 80% of getting a good red hero just to have the chance of getting Lancelot.

OTOH you might consider doing single pulls of fire. You may get a nice fire hero quickly, in which case you could shift over to event pulls.


Ok, so I don’t actually have any 5* yet (this game has not been kind to me) but I have a solid 4* team with backups for all colors except red. I have BT and figured getting a second would be a good idea. I think I will wait for the event and see if I happen to pick up some cool new heroes. If I don’t get anything good them I can try red after the event I guess.