To Small Giant: Thank you for buffing Gretel!

My gretel was at special attack level 3 with 145% damage to enemy. At ascension 2 level 40, she hit way too low for me to switch Bane for her. Today I was debating on leveling Bane more or trying to get her up high enough to make her worth it (it’s been difficult to get her special up) and then I noticed the nerf: she has 190% damage to the enemy! I’m so excited she actually feels worth keeping now! Thank you SG!

Now the question is: Did they buff/nerf anything else? (Boss Wolf maybe?)

Is there somewhere they have a list of the buff/nerf’s they do?

I assumed they would be in the patch notes… but no :frowning:

@Petri Can you answer these questions? Also I would really hope that patch notes would be more detailed about every change made.

Yeah I was really surprised and I looked at the patch notes as well. I’m really happy they buffed her though–she really needed it!

When you said it has been tough getting her special up, I knew exactly what you meant. I ask her why she doesn’t improve her skill, and all I get is that look.

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Thank you for letting us know about this. We reviewed the values and it seems that Gretel’s attack is indeed now higher than it should be due to a bug in our system. We will be now bringing back the intended values. I realise this is not what you wanted to hear, and we apologise for the bug and for giving you false hope in this case.



It IS in the release notes if they do it intentionally, I say intentionally because this was a bug as noted :slight_smile:

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Well, I guess I hope for another good yellow sometime then.

I will still keep leveling her for AW but I guess that may be where she sits.

Poor Gretal…

Haha… Your special event purchase is intended to be garbage.

And here I thought you had taken my advice in the beta forum and buffed her :wink:


Well, one thing just got clear (in case it wasn’t) - the cards are server side and they can change their values at will without having to roll out an update.

I just wished event cards were actually good for what’s asked to get them.

Looking at top teams only Alby and Guinn are present there which makes the other 20 odd heroes considered garbage.

So, no more 10x pulls from me. TC20 and that’s it.

Hope you atleast fix the war stuff… Takes you 3+ months and counting.

You should know by now that SG will always publicize the changes they know will please people. It’s the nerfs they remain silent about…

Not quite. Ghonorrea and Alberlame are great hero’s, no doubt, but that doesn’t mean that all the others are garbage. The 2 mentioned excel in raid defense, but others are better for offensive purposes.


:broken_heart: I really wanted Hansel but got Gretel instead. First because I needed green 4*s more than yellow ones in my roster. Then when reports crafted to come in that he was so much stronger. Sigh.

Please reconsider her for a bit of a boost!

How about we meet you halfway? She hits too softly—the “nearby” hit is much less than a normal slash attack. While 215% may be a little high, 195% would be reasonable.

Geez I didn’t think thanking them would cause them to make her useless again . . .

Looks like I just wasted some food on her instead of Bane :sob:

She was way better than Bane as released, so you didn’t waste anything.

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TigerDevil I’ve only been playing for less than a month, so I don’t really know SG at all. I guess I was just too hopeful.

Kerridoc I don’t have enough hard hitters, and I already have Hansel on my team. Bane’s fast mana and hard hit does me a lot of good, so Gretel has to hit harder to be worth putting on my main team . . . especially since she refuses to level her special attack.

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