To SGG: The Amazing Graphics Appreciation Thread


You see…

  • Milton Glaser once said : “There are three responses to a piece of design – yes, no, and WOW! …

This thread is dedicated to the talented and professional Motion Graphic Designers and Game Animators of SGG … who never cease to amaze us with their creativity and awesome in-game effects which if we happen to look at their details …or a frame by frame … we will end up saying… WOW!

I thought of starting this thread by sharing those astonishing visual effect as a token of admiration and appreciation for their creativity and great work…

After all, creativity is nothing but intelligence having… fun.

Thank you.

You know you've been playing Empires too much when

I just commented on this on a request about the animations.

The person/persons responsible for Wilbur are awsome. Not only is he such an original and unique character in a fantasy game, His design and animation is refreshing as it is beautiful. His skill is also on the level that I would love to see as the standard for future heros


Graphics is amazing. It looks best in 4K, please update your phones and pay for the “4K pass” (them textures are not going to make themselves duh).



Thank you. Like this ad, does it look “best” on your mobile?


I love the full-screen for Horghall. The fungi growing on the legs is a great touch, up overall a wonderful design.

Kudos on Khiona’s special graphics, with the five cuts aligning with the pentagram.


Thank you so much for that. I’ve never seen that before. Hilarious.


Left: A blend of Delilah’s, King Arthur’s and Zeline’s specials.
Right: King Arthur’s and Quintus’s specials


Left: Delilah’s special
Right: Alberich’s special


You know you've been playing Empires too much when


That :rose:
She tried, …
She is beautiful!



Aeron’s special - The Nethershield


Which is also a variation of the… Alchemist Circle or Human Transmutation Ring


Guardian Owl Special - Stately Retribution


Ends up with the … colors of his eyes!


I found this site. The artist who make the artwork for the heroes.

Anilya Larmina.

Anilya larmina

I don’t know if she still making the artwork for the latest heroes/hotm.
Since I notice, there’s a slight lack of detail at the current heroes.
I think, since Alasie the artwork feels a bit flat.