To pull in circus or wait for avalon

I really looked forward to pull from avalon event, saved over 250 coins. Now circus popped up.
I really like BK and LoL. However some circus heroes seams nice. emilio…
I look towards defence heroes. I use kage, raffy, posejdon, sartana and kadilen in lineup.

somehow it seams ill still wait for month more… but… any advice is appritiated.

Same dilemma a lot of us face.

Black Knight and Lady of the Lake are still 2 of the best event 5*. Of which I have neither.

I’ll decide when I see the Circus heroes in the wild.

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Ideally you could do some at both, yeah can be difficult as I normally save for certain portals too…
With the circus hero’s there will be a few new ones like Villians that will take the event from 10-15 levels im guessing next time round.

I’m waiting. Just means more time to save up!

I don’t have any Avalon legendaries. But stat wise, isn’t the Circus heroes more powerful than those from Avalon?

To be honest rather than focus on just one event I will go 50/50 and see what I get.

Ya circus will have stronger stats but if you dont have BK ots worth giving Avalon a pull or two, hes always gonna be one of the top heroes

I don’t have BK or LoL but have other Avalon heroes (Arthur and Morgana, but also Merlin and Lancelot).

My idea is to pull from Starfall just to minimize the loss. Even in the (most likely) case that I don’t get any 5*, I may and up with some new, useful (or fun) hero to use in events and tournaments. I would like to avoid another Bauchan or even another Arthur! (one is enough).

I’m not even going to pull from the Ninja portal to save my gems for Starfall.


Not a bad strategy at all

Wish I had done that for S4 honestly. Wait till all heroes are out then go for it

Now i keep pulling dupes chasing one or two


Well it always is about where you going to get lucky. Can’t predict that.

Circus has very decent 4 stars, if you already have Merlin. Aim for those. Chance to pull legendary hero is 1%. Even with 25 pulls you are very likely to walk away with nothing.

Also 3 out 5 legendaries in Avalon are possible to get from HA. For Circus = none.

I personally cash in on Circus myself. Gave up on trying to get LotL or BK long time ago. At 0.2% chance to get each I am more likely to break my arm while buying the offer. At circus at least any legendary will be more or less likable.


I think I’m going to just pull troops for ninja, but I could use another Garnet…Nah, I’ll be saving my coins and gems for Circus Heros.

I been pulling Thorne and Richard duplicates. I’ve got enough for a basketball team for each hero. I wish SGG would hurry up and give me Costume Magni and Leonidas already; I been waiting for a century now…lol

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I agree with the spirit of your comment, but I seriously hope the chances of breaking your arm are slightly lower than that :scream:. SG sells a lot of repeatable mini offers… its a dangerous world out there lol. On the other hand its the best arguement I’ve seen for F2P (and I’ve seen some great ones :rofl:)

But yeah pulling for 4* makes a lot more sense than pulling for 5*


I vote for circus. Circus does have some really interesting heroes

I get similary problem, ninja or circus, i can do 20x pull +1 pull. Where is better ?

I have a good friend who is an Actuary for a Life firm.

If you read all the risk statistics they have you’d never leave the house. And by house I mean white padded cell because houses are death traps…on paper :joy:


I’m lucky enough to have both BK and Lady so i’m trying circus.

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Do your pulls in Starfall Circus.

Probably i suggest to pull in Circus all of it or maybe until you got all *3 and *4 stars Circus Heroes.
Cause the rotation take ages. You gonna have this one twice a year, i think

Cause if you just want to pull Avalon for BK and LOL, you know the chances are slim.
Better aim for something more realistic like *3 or *4. If you got Legendary Heroes, consider it as a sweet gift

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