To pause/resume a campaign or raid battle when real life distractions occur

I would like to see the ability to pause or resume a campaign battle. When a real life distraction occurs and I can’t make it back to my device soon enough, I lose the “World Energy” that I just used to start the battle.
Unfortunately, I’ve flushed many World Energy Points down the toilet with this type of scenario. Frustrating to say the least.
I would like to see this pause/resume ability in the campaign section of the game. . . . to resume in the battle exactly at the spot when you had to leave the battle. During that time when the game is paused the accumulation of Works Energy Points is also paused.
I think it’s pretty crummy when the game “times out” and I have to start the level all over again.

No doubt. It is very frustrating.

This idea is similar to, but broader than, this one: Pause Titan fight

We’ve all had that phone call or interruption mid-battle; I agree it would be great to be able,to,pause it. As discussed in the other thread, though, there is some risk of abuse.

I was in a raid and had to answer a phone call. Long story short, I got delayed but was about to win the raid when time ran out. I had 3 heroes left and he had 1 hero with barely any HP left. He would have died with the next hit. But time ran out and it gave me the loss. WHY??? Why not calculate total HP in the end? Or at least make both sides auto-play until a winner is determined.

You guys continuously frustrate players with your raid mechanics, it almost makes me hate the game.

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This is why raiding is top priority. Should have skipped the call and finished the raid, then called the person back.

That’s what I would have done.




Seriously, a pause button is okay. We press the pause button, close the game, get back to life. Open the game later on and continue where we left.
But I doubt it can be done because it will be quite troublesome to program into SG’s server due to its online connectivity. Could probably overload the servers’ memory as its nature is consider TRS(temporary resident stay) in computer term.

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this should be default behaviour, without the need to press a button. think with me, Atlantis is coming soon and you want to farm coins as much as you can. you go hard levels one by one, and your battery runs out when boss is almost dead. no pause button could help! when it’s single player mod, it should save its state after every move so whenever an interruption occurs you can recover.

Yeah world map could be set by default because it is static but titan and raid battle is another story.
Hopefully the developer will look into the matter.

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The raid mechanics are the worse

Probably due to the SG’s server mismatching calculations. There are millions of user data in their system, thus, it’s not easy to find a closer match for different segments. Only God knows…

On several occasions I either had to put my phone away or take a call while I’m in battle. When I go back, the energy I’ve spent is gone as the game “resets”. That’s a real inconvenience especially when it’s a stage that has a high energy cost. I’ve had that happen in the past. And by the time I built up the amount required, the quest is over or had I not lost the energy, I would’ve completed the quest as I wouldve had time to build the energy to fin8the quest. Please find a way to mitigate this and at least not make the “penalty” so high.

Is there still no solution for the ‘pause’ button? Just had a call from my boss (that I simply could not ignore) during my titan strike. BAM! Attack over by the time call was finished and my score was low… and no, autoplay would not solve that as I use mono for titans and the AI does not favor the strong color nor does it aim for stunning the titan…