To much left up to chance

As a day one play its becoming increasingly difficult to hang on. Though the bast 3 seasons and numeros new events I have failed to aquire any of the great used heros. Not even one . With a monthly spend of about 300 dollars, this has gotten ridiculous. Im at 220 summons in 3 weeks withoit a 5 star again… if i hit 300 im retired after almost 5 years of playing. The fact that a dialy active player who also spend big cant stay relevant is just wrong . What happened to this game …


The game became more about spending and “whack-a-mole.” The goal is for people to chase a specific hero via spending.
Perhaps there is a mobile game with an affordable monthly subscription without micro transactions or perhaps a console/pc game where performance is due to time and skill.


The sad truth is that spending 300$ a month isn’t even spending big…

Isn’t that disgusting?


I have been playing since day but didn’t join an alliance until 2020. that’s when all this stuff became “unfair” and bad summons etc.

The drive to be in an alliance drives the spending mentality because you have to compete. Raids have always been around but you get around the need to compete by focussing on the rewards.

But as Deathwing says, $300 isn’t much these days and that’s sad but I don’t blame the game. I blame the over competitive players that have to be the biggest and best no matter what.

Try this - Don’t be in an alliance for a while and see how you feel. I am doing it and I am back to the game I enjoyed in 2017. Might go back or just form my own where we really don’t care about titans and war other than having fun hitting a few or playing a few.

Know how you feel but always remember, it’s a game. If you stop enjoying it, leave.


Why do you need the absolute latest heroes to stay relevant?

I love playing rainbow and close to rainbow - against most defensive teams it is consistent and the puzzle aspect is more enjoyable.

Recently i tried a few combos vs top m&n tanks and struggled a bit. Went mono green (luigi, arco, c lianna, zocc and either c mel or franz) for a bit of an experiment… and accidentally reached top 50 from 2500 cups. I think i was 16/20 wins ezclusively vs m&n tanks with strong supporting cast.

It looks like mono is as strong as ever against the top top defenses. I dont like it as much but if i do better in wars id resort back to it. For most defenses rainbowish also still works more than fine. Perhaps you can revisit your roster and see what tweaks you can make? Unless staying relevant has a different meaning to you

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I’m sorry for your misfortune, but I selfishly must say:

I appreciate you sharing this :heart:

(Not many with similar luck as me do)

It seems you and I have a lot in common. My budget is around $300 a month too (~$80/week actually) and being an outlier, I’m lucky to see a few new event 5* during the month, too. I regularly do 200+ summons before seeing any event 5*. My longest drought was over 500 pulls :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I track my pulls, too, so not even a chance for exaggeration. & The sad thing is, with over 8k pulls logged, my luck has never gotten better, either… It literally trends below average :sweat_smile:

So I’ve come to the conclusion that some people are just unfairly destined to be outliers in this game… having to do twice as many pulls for half the 5*. It’s total bull-■■■■… but, I mean, it’s either that, or the odds aren’t correctly stated :eyes:. Although, to prove that, we’d need far more data than what I have :sweat_smile:

On how to deal with it?

I’m still figuring it out. It royally ■■■■■■ me off though, that’s for sure, being treated worse than 99% of the playerbase for no rhyme or reason. What makes it worse, though, is most people don’t have it as bad, yet they still feed ya platitudes like “think positively” or “don’t expect anything and you’ll be OK” or, “your luck will eventually come”… not realizing how condescending it is, when they have never even been there themselves lol. (Even worse if they’re the lucky sort, unable to fathom the other side of the coin)

More annoying 💩

Others will even go as far as to blame you, saying you must be doing something wrong to receive such bad luck, like “you won’t get lucky if you stockpile your gems” or “you have to summon only when daily summons gives 3*” or “summon within the first 6 hours” etc. Some even go ahead and tell you you’re wasting your money, but only if the result is bad - as if you knew, going into it, that it would be. Sigh it’s maddening. As these aren’t things people tell humans with luck, or at least who’re average. All in presumption that it’s ones fault, not placing the blame correctly on the game itself.

But I get it. Most people just have bad streaks (so the platitudes fit)… Not everyone is one. However, being an outlier means we don’t play by the rules of the majority :pensive: (much to our chagrin :roll_eyes:)

Yay us…

Anyway, so I know that it doesn’t help much, but just know, you’re not alone in your pain :green_heart::purple_heart:

PS: sorry I used this also as an excuse to vent too lol it gets quite annoying (as I’m sure you know) down here at the bottom :sweat_smile: As I’m also in a drought as I write this (256 pulls since last new event 5* - only event 5* I pulled within those 256 I already had four of prior, so hardly helped :roll_eyes:)

Spend $ 3000

Dont pay your rent and dont pay your debts just swipe your credit cards i guarantee you you will get the best hero


I empathize, I stopped trying to compete high long ago, I keep my cups/trophies below 2550 so I don’t have to face the defenses full of the latest super powerful heroes

it used to bother me a lot, now I just compete against myself in PvE content mainly - I’d rather spend my money on vacations for example

The summon odds are ridiculously low, I don’t have a single 5* from Seasons 4 or 5 yet (and I’ve already used up all my free summons in Season 4 too!) :frowning:


Why do you need to wait till 300?

If you are already frustrated at 220, and this is isn’t the first time, you can exit ahead rather than give Zynga more money. Zynga won’t thank you. They just take your money without even knowing who it came from.

Summon odds are low. They are posted.

Some players are luckier than others.

Those exuberant SS of Grade A heroes secured with a single coin pull or a solitary 10x / 30x summon doesn’t help your state of mind.

If you want to punt, being realistic helps.

Maybe playing another game with less gambling, may give you more game joy.

FYI : I have done 2632 summons from 15/11/21 to 11/12/2022. I garnered only 55 5* (includes S1): 2% vs standard 2.5%. 27 out of those 55 are new; includes costumes. Leaving 28 dupes: that’s 50% of dupes.

As for HOTM: garnered 30, 13N, 17D. Success rate is 1.1% vs 1.3*. Again below odds.

A while back, I decided to try my luck when I feel like it. If I get something, woo hoo. Otherwise, it is what it is. No difference from me buying lottery tickets.

I am on my own, doing my own thing cos I realised that being in an alliance can be stressful when my summon luck is apparently below that of many others.

I am happy doing my own thing. Even got to do war with 3* teams with a laugh. So I lost. Big deal.

You can try this too. Or you can move to a less competitive alliance.


Ifyou did 220 summons you got 2 guaranteed 5* with fate summon! :slightly_smiling_face:
Which is a grat improvement compared to the first 4.5 years of the game. :+1:

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The goal of spending more can only be achived by the game if you let them!

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Alternatively go to an alliance that is not overly competitiv. :wink:

Sorry to read about your consistent bad luck.

As a long time ftp I seem to have average luck even if it took me until this year to get a 5* Xmas hero and it wasnt MN :smiling_face_with_tear:
I really was happy to get Krampus WITH costume even if I picked Ludwig at the last soul exchange. :rofl:
And believe me I saved a lot of gold coins every year since the event started! :rofl:

Other news lately…since over 2 month my two TC20 dont want to give out 5* heros.

In the end it comes down to the following…

Statistics is a ■■■■■ and needs real big numbers ( millions ) to pan out for ALMOST everybody.
Unfortunately anything that can happen will haben sometimes, somewhere in a good or a bad way.

Hope you will work your way up to average on the gauss curve. :+1:

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To remake an earlier point, I have been playing since day one but didn’t join an alliance until 2020. That’s when all this stuff became “unfair” and bad summons etc.

War, raids and competition is what drives spending. When I played outside an alliance, all I missed was the titan. And isn’t that another point of fun. But that is how the game works.

I have three accounts. One is totally f2p but has gone to sleep. I cannot get ascension materials and have only two 5 star heroes I cannot ascend. Can’t even ascend my good four star heroes. It just got boring so I put it aside.

The second account was c2p and is still developing but converted it to f2p and now its like swimming through honey.

The first account is big and successful but becoming weak simply because there are too many new and more powerful heroes. So I took my own advice for a while.

Don’t be in an alliance for a while and see how you feel. I did and went back to the game I enjoyed in 2017. In an alliance now to help them with titans but all accounts are now f2p because the only to progress (seriously) is to be a whale.

I play another game that gives the same parameters, more or less, for a fraction of the cost. Its new and fun and that’s where I might spend my time and money for a little while.

Always remember, it’s a game. If you stop enjoying it, leave.


This reminds me of the campaign/advert on gambling here in the Uk which says:

“When the fun stops. Stop!!”

And it really is the exact same, especially if you are needing to spend more and more to feel like you’re gaining enjoyment from it.

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Just providing a data point, I’m F2P, and joined an alliance 810 days ago. I don’t remember how long I played before joining. The alliance has 6 players total, and at 85th level, I’m the big dog by something like 30 levels.

I have 51 5* heroes, some of which are duplicates.

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I should have added that at the start five star here were more readily available. I does depend on how you play and what you do but it is possible to be in your situation. My f2p started last year and it’s now stuck. But well done on your progress.

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I usually do pulls like 6-10 coin pulls. If nothing comes, I quit. Do another batch later that day or some day after. Or a 10x pull if I feel lucky. I do get a 5* here and there. Did some pulls on Thursday and Friday like this and today did 7 pulls and got Ma’at

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Now that is very strange?!
If it was only the ftp account I would say you didnt play it long enough.
Since you have a similar problem I think it might be possible that you are not a very patient person.
As 5 year ftp player I have more enough of any ascencion mat in the game…just not enough heros to use them on.
Almost all other ftp players I know or read from, that play for more than 2 years, seem to have the same problem. :smile:


Getting ascension materials is very much an early game issue for f2p. I distinctly remember having no compasses for months, only for that to clear up and then having no gloves. And this was four years ago.

Now I have no mat shortage. I even have a few spare tomes now after going two years with using then up as soon as they appeared.

I will also add that the competitiveness from joining an alliance depends very much on the alliance and the player. Not all are the same.