To merc or join an alliance

What are the current perks for mercing and what are the benefits to joining an alliance? I have always been in an alliance and I really like my alliance, but wonder what it’s like to go solo. Also, unable to get needed ascension materials.

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I think mercing isn’t a great source of ascension materials these days, since it has these disadvantages:

  • You don’t get full loot from War Chests, since you have to have 100% participation in the chest
  • If you enter an alliance after a Rare Titan spawns, you don’t get the Bonus Chance for the 4* mat
  • If you’re part of multiple Titan kills in a short time, you don’t get normal loot (I don’t remember the exact cooldown period, but I want to say it’s something like 12 hours)
  • If you enter a Titan fight late into it, when people are often looking for mercs, it’s difficult to get a top loot tier score with only a few hits
  • Your Titan chest has a 12 hour cooldown period when you enter a new alliance, so you may not get credit for Titan kills if you don’t enter early enough into the fight

I’ll be curious to see what any mercs say, but my impression from a couple people I’ve run into is that people aren’t jumping around quite as much as they used to, and instead might visit an alliance for a few days at a time so they get normal Titan loot and Titan Chest credit at least — though you’d still lose out on War Chest loot.

My thought is the ideal is to get to Tier 9 Titan loot consistently, since that’s when you start getting 3 rolls for ascension mats. That’s A+ on 6*, A on 7*, B on 8*, or C on 9*. So being in an alliance facing 7-9* Titans, depending on your typical performance, is a good way to get loot.

Second to that, keep up with Rare Quests, monthly Challenge Events (like Avalon now), and Seasonal Events (like Christmas now) that have guaranteed ascension mats.

And then beyond that, fill your chests regularly, both Monster and Raid, which will occasionally give you ascension mats, but more importantly will accelerate your Elemental Chest frequency, which usually have better shots at mats.

And lastly, use Mystic Vision regularly, which has wild swings from laughably terrible loot to occasional freebies of 3 and 4* unfarmable ascension mats.

On the other front, of benefits of an alliance, for me at least, that’s a huge piece of my enjoyment of this game. After months with the same group of very talkative people, we’ve gotten to know each other really well, and have a nice community that I wouldn’t enjoy the game without. For me mercing definitely would kill a huge portion of why I love this game.


I think people who merc just cannot give game as much time as required. They come something like once a week. There is no real gain from being merc. Also someone called ‘SOBE’ claims that you will never get Rare Titan bonus item if you are not a member of an alliance when the titan first appear (spawn). I couldn’t confirm his claim anywhere in E&P written rules.

What you were looking for is here:


I did get the bonus drop from unicorn other day after it spawned. Have witnesses and proof if needed. It is possible, just unlikely. Others in peer support have made the same claims. I haven’t posted in bugs yet. But definitely not a rule that’s working as intended


Are you currently mercing, @Rigs?

I was. I’m home now

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Thank you Zephyr, nes, and everyone

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@Arendayan thank you so much for starting this discussion! Prior to joining my new alliance (which I LOVE) I had been wondering the same question! And it’s fantastic to be able to read about it now.

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You get to feel good about helping others take down a titan.

From a gameplay perspective it helps hone your skills. You could fight different types of titan in the same day so need a good roster and to know what you’re doing.

It can be fun to check out the social dynamic of different alliances. Most of them are cool and thankful for the help. Some of them can teach you things no matter how long you’ve played. Just be sure to ask if you can stay for the loot before you use your flags. Not every merc does although most alliances allow it. It’s still polite to ask first.

There aren’t really any in game rewards for it. It will take forever to fill your reward chest if you join and leave an alliance more frequently than 12 hours. You also won’t be in many wars.

Still there are benefits. It’s more something to do if you don’t have time for an alliance or want to change up your gameplay and help out other players.

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