To make Loot Tickets more valuable they should NOT cost any flags to use

In my opinion to make these new items much more useful they should be free to use. Right now I don’t see a real point to having them. But, if they were free to use and basically gave you free loot, then that would increase there value exponentially.

They are a convenience item, and can be used to save a some of player’s time occassionally. Not meant to give you any extra power.

I like them. They help me get rid of full stack of world energy very quickly, without having to grind.

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I agree. It’s meant to be a convenience. I like being able to use it on higher provinces especially.

As others have said, they are a time saver, not an world energy saver.

It has saved me wasting energy… If I’m headed to bed and still have energy I would not use. I can pop a ticket, and have done this, to burn off that energy and get loot. Granted this is a narrow use, and would be happy to see the ticket be free, but I can see it has a place as is as well.