To Magni or not to Magni

about any hero, or 5 * or 4 *, it’s garbage. And really, I do not want to get warmed up and be erased, but this campaign to cheat players is shameful. I do not want to warm up anymore, but this nerfeo or is the work of scoundrels or useless, both ways should be kept responsible for decisions, beta and all influence.

By the way, even if it’s off topic, I want to congratulate @uclapack. It is not only the best in the game, it is not only the best, but the best in events, is that, unlike many others who have the means, repeat what they see and are up for what they have, he or she, along with Zero, are the only ones who show talent, look for formulas, vary their teams, defend with logic, they are there for what they know and not for what they have.

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Thank you for the compliments. I remember when I first started playing, I always hoped to be at the top of the leaderboard with all the big names. I have really lucked out and have met some great players and have learned a lot about the game. I also am lucky that my boyfriend, Dator plays and we can bounce ideas off eachother. To be mentioned in the same category as players like zero is a huge compliment. Thank you!


Aegir maxed would be a better tank on defense than Magni.

None of your other 5* heroes are best at the tank role, although Magni is probably the weakest of the bunch there.

However, if you don’t have any of them in their final ascension, I’m not sure you are need to focus your energy on a tank, and Magni is an excellent sniper.

My take on Aegir is that he will be a very interesting and powerful hero on offense when you have a larger roster to play with, and can match him with the right heroes, including other blue heroes for his element link; I think he would make a better second blue 5* to ascend than a first blue 5* to ascend for this reason.

I sincerely doubt you will ever regret giving Magni your telescopes.


It looks like I can’t lose whichever one I ascend first.

I’m close to getting mats to ascend my five core 5* heroes, so whichever Ice I choose to level, will be the one in my defence team.

I’m still leaning towards Aegir because of the tank factor, but Magni has a LOT of support on this thread

I really would like to say aegir, but your constellation says magni.

Marjana is a tank and with a def buff from magni its a great def combo

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There’s nothing we can say that may you change your mind i guess. You are convinced it is simply trash, and trash remains.
I’m not his fan either, but i’m far to considering him “trash” especially after raiding him at full strenght with a good critical troop. Hard, really, even triple stacking greens.

But that’s not what i want to say now.
Look at Guinevre. She is great no? All top players have her, no?
Now consider that the very moment a better tank pop out she is completely useless, as she get benched and never used for any other purpose.
And people literally spend thousand of dollars to get her.

And you know what? Maybe that time is very near.


@Elpis you’re thoughts are always considered and worth listening to. But “Don’t feed the troll”.

Old mate has bashed Aegir - which is absolutely his/her right - but I haven’t seen much constructive advice, which is the point of this thread.

I am always pleased when you respond to anything I post :slight_smile: Which is not something I can say for every1.


IKR? Hence my dilemma. I win if I pick Magni. I win in other ways if I pick Aegir.

I really, really appreciate the advice in this thread. It has helped me a lot.

Under normal circumstances I would say Magni, but given your lineup with lots of hitters, it might make sense to put Aegir in instead. Perhaps putting Sartana and Drake next to him with Morgan and Marjana out the far sides. Lots of blinding, lots of hard hitting, and solid survivability with Aegir at tank, could be a respectable lineup.

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If I go with Aegir, I’ve been thinking a lot of the Marjana / Morgana positioning.

You suggest flanking with Drake, Sartana - which I totally get.

But Marjana and Morgan are almost tanks in their own right. So:

Marjana / Morgan / Aegir / Drake / Sartana


Morgan / Marjana / Aegir / Drake / Sartana

Both make it tough for attackers stacking with multiple green.

I’m studying the stats from Titan Mafia’s site and it’s not a clear cut decision.

Ur line-up works.

My two alt line-ups also work.

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Well, first for the mods, troll is an insult in all languages, less double standards. And now, as what I see is the boldness that ignorance gives, I will explain technically why I consider that the Aegir that has come out of beta is not only bad, it is that, unlike those who dare to say that it will win trophies ahead of Magni, the truth is that it is counterproductive to use it. I will do it in two post and I hope that I am rebuffed with arguments and not with insults.

First, what we might call the hero’s active use. A useful tank is based on three characteristics, first, its numbers in defense and hp have to be high or sufficient, Aegir complies, it is evident, so we can consider it a tank project. The second: a tank, in addition to having its own qualities that allow it to endure, must have one of two indispensable qualities; or collaborate in the damage, either by direct damage, by stealing mana or by providing buffs for defense, attack or cleaning. Contribute what you contribute, it has to be, to be a good tank, significant. And the second quality, which can replace the first, is healing. Why? Very simple, if you use a healing tank, you do not have to use a healer and you can use the slot for another damage or buff hero. The best tanks of the game accumulate the 2 qualities, help in the damage and heal, in addition to their numbers, but, a tank can be good and very much only with two, be it the case of Delilah, Vivica or Magni, GVM, azlar, etc. . The current Aegir, neither healthy, nor collaborates in the damage appreciably, does not contribute practically nothing or very little to the team. But the second thing I’ll put later is even more important.


In regards to lineup, the only argument I would make is keeping Drake inside of the Aegir buff. Everyone else is interchangeable for the most part, but you want to keep Drake up and hitting utilizing that fast multiple blind as much as possible. The reason I suggested Morgan outside on a far end is because she (if she gets going) is fully capable of keeping herself up and in the fight.

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The passive use of the tank hero. I have already talked about active use, now we go to passive use, just as important. To prove it I have done many tests, I have uploaded my trophies to 2300 to adjust attacks and I have tried Aegir, Boril and Kiril tank for using blue, in the case of Boril a little more defense, but the numbers of the three, with Aegir at 3/70 they are similar. Each one has received 5 attacks, although it is conjunctural, Boril reject 3, Kiril 2, Aegir 0, the rest of the team the same. But this is not important in passive, what is important is the nature of the attacks, half of the attacks on Aegir would not have occurred with Boril or Kiril, pir what are Aegir’s double defeats, one of them was 4 * in 3 ascension with one in second, why? very simple does not have passive security. The attacker doubles or triples color against the tank, because the intention is to kill him BEFORE he activates (that is what makes GVM that is not a tank to be used, the very fast one). Be Geneva or Magni or Azlar or Marjana or anyone, if a bad board causes it to be activated it causes important damages, both damage, in all variety, as defense or cure. Anyone attacks Aegir in its current state, WHY IT DOES THE SAME thing to activate, for the attacker it is innocuous and, unless it uses green without debuff and only 53% and for three, the result of an activated Aegir is inapre

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It seems that something has not gone well in the translation to the dictation, but I think that it is perfectly understood what I say, it does not help and does not intimidate.

Fair cop. I take ‘troll’ back. My apologies

Thank you. What I do want to emphasize, is that Aegir’s biggest problem is that it produces an effect called catastrophic. Put what you put in the tank, give equal damage, cure or buff there will always be players who do not come well to attack you and will shoot again. That does not happen with the current Aegir, because it is innocuous, it does not matter if it is activated one or a thousand times, it does not harm and, given the advantage of the attacker, that is a disaster. If ever a hero in the history of E & p needed a repair that is Aegir, because no one will use it. And I do not like what @Anchor does in this case, with all due respect.


Thanks for the tip re Morgan. Makes sense

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