To Magni or not to Magni

I was just about to start ascending Magni, and then I pulled Aegir. Both are at 1/1

The team I am building towards was:
Morgan Le Fay / Magni / Marjana / Drake Fong / Sartana

Apart from Magni, the others are in their third ascension. I have the mats to take a Ice hero to 4/80.

Should I now flip to:
Morgan Le Fay / Marjana / Aegir / Drake Fong / Sartana

I’m leaning towards the latter.

All views welcome

Not picking a limited time hero as your main choice is always hard to say, but for my preferences i would take Magni.
But i’m all for attacking and less for defending, so feel free to completely disagree if you want a better tank.


Aegir is a trash, very, very bad

My concern is that I have a team of fast hitters and no obvious tank without Aegir. I rate him. Magni will get ascended because well, Magni… but for defence? Who is better?

I should have made it clear from my original post that I’m talking defence only.

Magni gives defense, Aegir does not, the solution is obvious.

If you talk about defence, then Aegir without a doubt is better then Magni, so if you compared two defences one with Aegir Tank and one with Magni tank (all the rest the same) i’m pretty sure Aegir keep an average higher rank of cups.

The problem is that neither of them (not even Aegir) can make your defence a top defence as the game is right now. All the top players has Zeline, and all the people who has Zeline probably LOVE to raid an Aegir defence.

Good news is that the game may change not too far from now, and Aegir may become a really good tank.
Can’t say anything else for now.


I agree. I’m working on my first team of five star, I haven’t got one to final ascension yet. I’m not interested in being a ‘top team’ yet… just holding my own in Platinum and maybe lower Diamond.

If you are a good raider i’m sure that with Aegir you open all your chests in Diamond then :wink:

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Lol. Thanks for the tip off. I do OK

I have Magni at 4 80. He’s awesome in all conditions. Fast mana, hard hitter, increases defence. He’s a dream :)). Vote for him with both hands :)).

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I know. I know. But the rest of the 5* defence team I’m levelling are all fast hitters. I think I need to steady the ship? Lol

The problem with Aegir is that he is only good as a tank imo(don’t have him). So if you only have telescopes to ascend one i’ll go for the one that is more versatile, and for me that is Magni. No matter who you pick i’m sure your team will get a big plus. May the board god be with you :).


Magni is much better all around.


Magni is way more versatile. You won’t cry if you ascend Aegir, but Magni’s tile damage helps v titans.

@Anchor or has a great video on Aegir on youtube but I think that you should seriously consider Magni as your first, Aegir last.

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Anchor has a video to justify nerfening and to prevent him from recovering. The video is in attack and surrounded by the best, so it is irrelevant, but better proof that a video is the fact that he never uses it, having it, never, never being in his defense, not a minute. Zero, who is more consistent, defends him and tries and, sometimes, for a short time he puts it, when he starts to collapse, very quickly, he takes it off and returns to the usual. The trick of the video seems to work, is it so good @Anchor ? Is it an A tank? You do not use Gin, so show me how good it is, after going through beta and leave it on for 24 hours, let’s see where you fall.

I think the point of the video, Ber, is to make people feel better for having Aegir. Merely to point out that Aegir is not total garbage as some people claim.

There are clearly better tanks out there and, while he(she?) is not the best tank, there are uses and it could be fun.

It was really good, a hotm from before and they destroyed it to continue with their Gravemaker, there is no justification, no op, no synergies. The one who has paid for Aegir does not have to feel better, he has to be outraged.

Would you use Aegir over Sonya?

What if he is the only 5* blue you have?

I would not use Aegir, in this state, about anything. I have looked for combinations, synergies, etc. and to put Aegir is to lose trophies, even with teams of 4 * half up. It’s a piece of meat.

So you wouldn’t use him on offense in war? as a 6th team?

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