To lvl Joon or Justice


As per title which one do I go for?
I finally have enough materials to fully ascend 1:

Joon is a beast in attack and defence, however Justice is ridiculous in defence and with alliance wars down the line defence maybe be better to fatten up.



We know nothing about the setup of alliance wars so far, and titan/events are equally if not more important.

I would go for Joon all day every day.


Same here.

Joon is good everytime, Justice only sometimes.


Personally i’d go Joon, but I’d keep both.


I would go for Joon, and I wish I had such problems. Speaking of holy heroes, I have only Bane and Kailani, yet.


Two rules:

  1. Don’t EVER eat a 5 star.

  2. ALWAYS level Joon. He’s an absolute killer.


I have neither but I have faced both in raids. And from that experience If needed to choose, I am sure I will vote for JOON and so will mostly everybody. Imho JUSTICE is great, Only IF she launches her specials in time. And with her SLOW mana that is a very big IF to happen soon, before she gets sniped or so which is more often the case. Here are both the cards just to make it easy for anybody else who want to contribute further to the thread :sunglasses:

P.S: Personally I feel Once you get used to FAST mana heroes, it is hard to appreciate the slow and dull experience with SLOW mana heroes. seems like waiting for eternity for them to launch :wink:

Lastly like Bazily said above, I wish I had such dilemmas and decisions to make lol :grin:


You absolutely have to level the guy taking a power dump. I kid, I kid.

In all seriousness, if I had both, I would go Joon. He has one hit KO potential in raids (and if he doesn’t KO you have someone basically close to being KO’d anyways) depending on your opponent and with fast mana, you could knock out a few people pretty quick.


Joon. It’s not a discussion, really…



I like to take informal polls of the top players of their favorite heroes by looking at the lineups for defense (in the leaderboard) and in event leaderboards. Many more top players have Joon in their lineup than do Justice. Musashi is also a popular choice on defense, it appears.


I will go for joon too. But unfortunately I don’t have it. I have Vivica, Leonidas, Musashi and the Owl Guard. The first third are at stage 3 (63, 70, 70). Which own should I ascend?


Depends on what else you have, but Vivica is the supreme healer in this game. I’d go with her unless you’re already healer-heavy.


I have fully upgraded:

  • Scarlett / Collen / Boldtusk
  • Litlle John
  • Kiril
  • Sabina
  • 0 4* in yellow but

And I have melendor and rigard at level 1


Your team lacks Bite—someone who can punch a hole in any foe’s line. That would incline me towards Musashi among your options as first priority.


How about Justice vs Leonidas?


20 Characters


Thanks Kerridoc, that was my first choice. My concern with vivca is that her power is really slow and I’m affraid fo be killed before she can use it. And Leonidas seems to be efficient only on 4* and below.