To guardian or not to guardian?

What the he’ll was I thinking when I wrote this…???

I’m out…

Oh, editing takes time so I see I can respond to someone and it make absolutely no sence after editing…

So I do apologise for the chaos

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Nope. Still haven’t changed my mind.

Would rather beef up my troops for defense and/or healing than give him coveted ascension mats.

BUT… say I have double (triple even) yellows of just about everyone else maxed… and I still have 12 darts not accounted for… then maybe I’d consider him.


But seriously man… your roster. Your game. Your choice. If you can make it work, then totally go for it.

No big deal

Btw my “quote” was just screwin with ya in good fun

If you’re goin to flag anyone, flag math…

All good :slight_smile: discussions are what the forum is all about.

And ignore @Rigs. :roll_eyes:

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Think you layed it on a bit thick there…


Have him @80 and he sucks. Worst of all event 5*. Regret it.

Atomos does more damage on average and they left the fat bird very slow. Poor Owl.


@Math4lyfe Math4:

Man I’m just asking… To use a rare hero for something…

I know Owl sucks as an AoE hero cos of speed…

Neith hits like a wet noodle… Justice? As an attacker? Big Nono…

I was just thinking to utilise the family bonus…

And I was wondering if anybody ever put Owl in a full Guardian team… I cannot, I need Lady Baaa to heal through tha damage but I will try… After Malosi… :slight_smile:

Family bonuses aren’t what they’re chalked up to be…Except maybe Riddles…but that’s because they have an awesome 5 star hero in nearly all the colors…

Alice-White Rabbit-Queen of Hearts-Hatter-Jabberwock

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I have Owl, but I would never max him. He’s the worst Event hero out of all :upside_down_face:

Kinda cool video


Thanks for sharing!

My plan was to use Jackal, Falcon, Gazelle and Owl together… but being convinced that the Bird of prey sucks…