To guardian or not to guardian?

Hi guys/gals!

Recently i pulled Shak… khm Guardian Gazelle from the Guardian family. I level her as a main yellow focus. I have Jackal maxed and Falcon maxed from the Guardian heroes but I also have the Owl… After finishing Gazelle i likely goibg to focus on Malosi next bu who knows… I have Owl for like a year or two untouched…

Do you think that with Woolerton’s heal and Gazelle’s protection and attack capacity Owl could be a superweapon?

This is not a “help-me-choose” thread because Gazelle gets the 6 darts I have… And after likely Malosi…

But in theory Jackal-Gretel-Woolerton-Gazelle-Owl could one shot any team while enjoying the protection from Gazelle…

So long story short:

If you had a good layout from Guardians should you choose Owl over like Justice?

Some pictures:

Well no…because Guardian Owl needs his teammates to die for him to reach maximum power so both of those things would be counter productive.

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I see this… but with 100% attack bonus…

Just because of Gazelle it’s like two death teammates…

Guardian Owl has the worst Holy attack stat per the last data sheet @Pois1 had made here:

So I stick by my answer of no.

Okay I just try to find a use of a very rare Legendary hero :))))

I mean I’m firmly on the level who you want and play however you want…

…I didn’t say don’t level him, just answering your question about Woolerton, Gazelle and Owl synergy.

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Something like this…

His attack stats are just awful. Better off running gretel…

And you’ll lose his buffs with gazelle making him even more worthless.

Of course… just my thoughts.

But gazelle with ladyW is a great match. I run them together with great success.


Eat the owl or use him as your HA trade in since anything in return for him is an improvement

Just my 2 cents


Mono, carry on !

I’m open…

My vision was that with woolerton’s heal a set team cannot just snipe Gazelle… this gives time … So hopefully Owl survives the first Dance… He is sturdy AF… If he survives we have two options:

1, Gazelle goes for another dance … I won
2, The papers (Jackal, Gazelle, Wooly, Gretel) die… I won

EDIT: I’m not saying this works… I just want to theorycraft… So please easy… this won’t be a how to kill Telluria thread LOL

Lol Rigs, what Id do to get OWL.

I got some pretty nasty lineup to blow OWL into super status in my mind :stuck_out_tongue:

hint : OWL feat - asgardians :wink:

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If you can get gazelle to dance twice… you’ve won with or without owl in most cases.

Better to save your darts for a hero that is usable in other areas too. Like joon. Or Poseidon. Or sh¡t… guin, neith or sif. :rofl::rofl:

I mean… I guess he’d be a solid option for VF raidT. :woman_shrugging:

I can’t give this a like until you tell us what you have in mind lol

What i want to emphasise…

I do know that owl suck…

But with a 4 guardian family bonus … ? That’s not nothing… (15% def, 4% healing afaik)

I can only hope…

Well at least you didn’t blow your darts on him yet. That should count for something.

Check Asgard realm bonus … I wont speak more, Ill try to change the meta to slow and very slow heroes , then everyone can learn :stuck_out_tongue: Just need few heroes before I do that :smiley:

I never wrote this… What the hell

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Huh?? … 20questions

No I have priorities and Owl is below Mist…

BUT! In theory… this is what we talk about… a four or five Guardian bonus team …