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Hi i’m playing this game for other the year. Im getting irritated not cause of heroes what i cant get , but free stuff like summers offer for free its like “XD” Hey ! We can get it in a minute from map :confused: . I understand you need to earn money from game i’m also buying some gems but rewards from leveling up could be better like every 5 lvls golden token. Everywhere silver tokens its kinda greedy from you, make some respect for your players cause when im looking another games its big difference about this… I Hope some Smart guy will read this and make something little better in this game cause for now its a joke.
Best regards

They just look for money so don’t spend nothing

I see that but i’m playing another game they have also a lot to but for money if you want. But events are nice if you get something its worth time what you spend for it.

I’m kind of mercenary when it comes to free stuff:

  • Did i have it before?
  • Do i have to pay for it in any way?

If the answers are yes, no…i take the stuff and run. :grin:



I agree, the free gift today was terrible. Especially, when Atlantis Rising was going on where the loots from normal levels were through the roof, compared to that when I saw this I was laughing quite hard. But it is what it is, at the end of the day it is a business.

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He will be happy to take care of the account :slight_smile:

Nah im 29 lvl :stuck_out_tongue:
I just got “tilted” too hard in this game that i needed to tell it somewhere how mad i am :smiley: i know they dont care about us. Its just making money and dont listen to anybody

Hey the dargon bone is actually a 4 star material! What is there to complain about? It is FREE!
So what did you expect to get for free? HOTM? 5 golden token?? Free stays a gift and I am grateful to get a gift.

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Dragon bone = get them every day. How about ascension items, gems, gold tokens, etc. I dont see how you can defend a two time a year freebie being this bad. I put money in -> I expect a real freebie.

So you blame someone that brings as a gift a DVD to your Birthday party because you already got 100? Once again…it is a gift and it is free. SG is free to chose any item. You don’t got even the right for a gift. It is just a little present. Nothing more, nothing less.

I see you didnt play many games i am complaining not only about this. Even lvl up gifts sucks and yeah dragon bone you can get on map if they can give some present key it be a little bit unique i’m not saying 5 golden tokens i’m not greedy idiot but use some imagination.

@Mighty To be honest I did play many games and I never seen one with loot box mechanics that gave really good loots regularly. It has always been gatcha. What I can confirm instead is that many games give you better loots at the beginning but once they grown to a certain size (as SG) the loots get “normal” for such kind of game…this was so with Solgard and Legendary just to mention two of many…

Summoners war. That’s what i can truly say they give lot of events rewards etc. And here free stuff could be like nothing who needs silver tokens after some lvls its ridiculous. Game what i said i’m playing over 3 years and still get good free gifts and i cant get them playing on map in few minutes.

I see @Mighty‘s Point in regard to the free gifts we got.
Your story with the DVD is quite cute but it is not very accurate. It is more like you get a DVD by someone who knows that you already own this DVD 100 times.
And then you think : so was this meant as a joke or is this guy for real?

Edit: in Germany we have a word for that : grotesk
Google translator says it‘s either grotesque or ludicrous in english

I think there are better things to do than complain about a gift. Sure, the gift itself is nothing really special, but a gift is a gift. Accept it and move on. SG is under NO obligation to give us anything.

I’m not sure where to post a suggestion, but I figured I’ve gotta try. I think that trading hero’s should be an option within an alliance.

There’s a master post on trading: [Master] Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!

I only have small wish for the next free stuff:

  • Wilbur
  • Tarlak
  • Hel
  • Gravemaker
  • Delilah

Thanks in advance :wink:

“Grotesk” is a common term for me if you check my profile my dear. The example with the DVD insists that you can use one DVD only once. And he gave you a movie you watch quite often even if it is not your favorite.
To stay in German: “einem geschenkten Gaul, schaut man nicht ins Maul”.

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