To Cup Drop or Not to Cup Drop

wow! I did not get that in my diamond chest today
Most definitely not.

And I am getting thoroughly tired of raiding upwards (I have 3900+ def, 2400 / 2500 cups) or getting suggested opponents to raid downwards (in cups), seeing also 4000+ def players with 2200 cups. And no decent ham bounty to be found.


To my mind, this is getting thoroughly annoying.
With opponents at 4000+ team power, it is not possible to just jump in with the rainbow team, but it is necessary to choose the opponent carefully, so I even have a chance of winning.

And I do stop when I have finally succeeded in filling my chest.
No fun, no decent loot, and terrible boards lately - why bother?

I really miss the times when I happily raided as a robber baron.
Now it is just a lot of bother, just to fill the chest.

And please, people, save any comments about my bench not being good enough.
I am working on my heroes. But I most definitely cannot do witchcraft.

Maybe I am just thoroughly annoyed with this whole game at the moment.
I leveled up quickly to be able to play in peace. Not to bother with this and bother with that…

Maybe I should just take it slow with the game for a while.
To my mind, it is currently very annoying, quite time consuming and just a royal pain in the butt.

Talking for myself I didn’t get anything different for better or worse on chests (platinum). So I can’t say if it was improved, wasn’t for me.
I did receive darts from titan today but I guess it was totally random luck.

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Just for clarification, i had over 100k of each food and iron in my 2 raid chests yesterday at platinum.


No my diamond loot is still kinda junk outside of those two recent ham values haha.

I have pretty bad luck when it comes to chests as of late, bunch of other people are getting good stuff and I know it’s just all RNG but none of it is falling my way except for a compass which, meh. Not helpful really at my stage in the game.


Stupid question but did you update before opening the chests? ETA - I see that you have updated at some point in game, but not sure if it is client or server side

There’s also a random component in it the rolls, and size of award appears to be tied to base development I think of food storages.


So we’ve been collecting some screen shots in Departed and looks as though the rewards appear to be 2x from what they were before.

Not science but many of us have scored higher than the previous value anyone of us know of and the frequency of hits is about the same at the 2x value as what we were getting before with no changes in storages or watchtower skewing it.


Thank you very much for your reply.

Yes, I did the update yesterday and collected on the chest today.

So, in view of your second reply, I do not have to bother with increasing the food storage at this time?

I have all 9 windmills at level 20. But saw no reason to greatly increase food storage buildings as yet. They are currently 15,15, 13 and 7. - My heroes eat the food as soon as it comes in :wink: So increasing food storage has no priority at this time.

Except higher storages appear to lead to higher ham rewards from various loot rolls.

I get much higher on my main than my alt from every source and the salient differences are storages and watchtower; I’m leveling storages on my alt and then will push diamond again to see, but having larger appears to increase your income rate.


oh really! thank you for the advice.

Then I will just have to spend my iron on something that is otherwise no use to me whatsoever at this time. I am not happy with this at all, but if this is the case, it cannot be helped, if I wish to enjoy the increased food loot for this very cumbersome raiding in diamond level.

Ever since the start of AW, the game has been messing with sensible and reasonable priorities, to my mind.
Luring one away from what is sensible and reasonable, and towards things that would not be necessary at this point in time, if it were not for some sudden introduction of some thing that you will fail in, if you do not drop everything and take precautions against failing miserably at this new thing.

That is not to my taste at all.

Please excuse my cranky tone. It is not directed at you. On the contrary. I am grateful for your advice.

I simply hate having to drop everything and bother with (what was, up to now) priority z, simply to avoid sudden negative consequences.

Add to that rotten boards in raids, rotten boards in titans (my iron has been going into tornadoes to combat those horrible boards), those annoying and time consuming AW battles - and anyone can see that I am not a happy camper at the moment.

I will just take it slowly for a while.
When a game gets to be just as bothersome and annoying as a job, instead of providing fun and relaxation, it is high time to take it slowly.

TC19 and Troop leveling; higher food storages do have some quality of life returns.

Ultimately you can still get higher from cup dropping if you wish currently so if Diamond isn’t to your taste then do something different :slight_smile:



Thank you. Yes, cup dropping would be the most sensible thing to do. Let me talk to my alliance leader whether that is ok.

At the moment, TC 19 ist the very last of my priorities. I have more than enough heroes and 4 training camps running 24/7 to feed them.

Add to that the necessity to level up 4 more healers for AW to make 12 (one is already feeding, together with other heroes that I am leveling for raids etc), and all I can say is: “Ain’t nobody got time for that” :wink:

TC 19 is for power leveling :slight_smile:

Particularly when it comes to multiple 4*, 10800 on color exp / hour.

Put those rugged clothes to good use! :slight_smile:

Basically this:

I may have gone overboard but you need a bunch of ham to feed this many 1* and the last thing you want from a leveling efficiency perspective is to get a TC clogged so to speak.


After I got two blue trainers out of chests yesterday, I took the hint of the RNG, and took everything I got from the recruits quest, farming 8-7 all day, and pulling two queued trainings out of TC20, dropped it all into TC19, and power-leveled until I ran out of food.
By the end of it, I’d jumped Alberich to 4/60, up three levels, and Boril from 4/2 to 4/22, just to see how things would go with the alliance wars today.
As a side effect I also maxed Marjana’s special by 2/20, to my surprise. After she hit special level 7 at 2/16 I stopped bothering being careful because I had an ascension in hand, then I got the last jump from feeding her a single 1*.
I’ll be a few days rebuilding the reserves I threw into that session, but TC19 levelling from full food storage with plenty of recruits can be pretty nice. Improving my storage more is on my higher priority list because of that.


Yeah, I had built storages just for quality of life when talking high level troop trainings and and TC 19 because I’ve run out of food before and life kinda sucks when you’re trying to destage a TC and you are out of room and out of ham to feed away what fodder you already have.

It turns out to be a nice fringe benefit of getting astonishingly high ham rolls for loot but I think Diamond is going to need to be doubled again to make up for cup dropping.

I’ll post some more comparisons between main and alt and then actually do the math on the ham generation. I’ll have to get better at picking up the raid chest pictures though to make a more accurate comparison, but I can probably just take the ones we’re collecting in Departed for diamond, just not enough on current gold.


Interesting! Thank you!

Not really.
I have quite the same luck for 3* ascension items, but really on a bad streak for 4*.

Just to say:

  • 12 trap tools for 1 tabard
  • 10 shields for 1 tonic
  • 9 blades for a ring
  • 8 capes for a scope

Was thinking they changed something, but if you get good 4* loot then it’s only a bad moment.

Well well well. You were right about the change after all. Although it must have taken a little time to reach my part of the world :slight_smile:
I did get a decent amount of hams and iron today. Very nice indeed!!

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My incomplete data is also tracking rewards are a percentage of food storage ( I keep losing data sets when I increase my storage and forget to note when I increased it).

I had not even considered watchtower, but that would make a huge amount of sense since watchtower is tied to completing the map for Season 1.

( Argh. Out of likes again, will be back in a few hours ).

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I wonder if recruit storage is tied to recruit rewards? Unlikely since recruits are not part of Wanted mission chests, titan rewards and war rewards. Still…

Nah, I’ve noticed no difference farming certain levels (e.g. 8-7) between my main account with 118 house spots and my alt, even before I greatly expanded that account’s housing,