To Cup Drop or Not to Cup Drop

Don’t take anything personally. You know me by now: I both like and respect you, you hypocritical little goblin. :wink:

You are being hypocritical, though. You’re applying your own perspective as a blanket, being entirely inconsistent in how you define its parameters, and assuming it’s shared by the universe.

Of course players have different perspectives: I may value raid performance where you value war performance. Hypocrisy would be to treat each aspect of the game differently based on one’s own values; consistency is to treat them the same, recognising that different perspectives exist.

Definitely true for many. Definitely untrue for many others, who view raid ranking as the entire point of the game. Different perspectives, you see, and it’s distinctly fishy to assume that players who don’t share your approach don’t exist: I promise you that we do and we are a large part (the majority? I don’t know) of the player base.

You’re right that there are all sorts of ways to mitigate the loss of resources caused by cup dropping raiders. They shouldn’t be necessary, of course - it’s demotivating to be attacked by a player far too strong for your level, demotivating to drop to a low cup level where you’ve got to raid down to recover your resources, and demotivating to feel like trophies - which ought to measure skill - reflect nothing more than a feeding dynamic,

All far more demotivating and much more of an issue to the game than dealing with a bad war match, which is entirely peripheral to the game as a whole and can essentially be ignored. But let me be consistent and not hypocritical: alliance war mismatches are also bad, and are another reason cup dropping should probably be addressed.

(See how easy that was?)

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And I like and respect you too you foul mouthed contradictory little hussy. (Based in most part on your avatar, of course)

Disagree it’s hypocritcal. Arrogant? Maybe. Hypocrisy is contradiction of your own stated values… not that held by others.

Boring the rest of the readers now. My take is fix AW and have cup dropping be debated, considered and addressed as a separate concept. Your take is… well… address AW by addressing cup dropping.

We’ll let the readers decide without highjacking poor @Revelate’s thread further. :smiley:


Fair enough. Want to hug you for those civilised insults and sensible way to leave this. You might be a better person than me.


I cup drop all the time, just to make filling the raid chest easier. If platinum had much better rewards than gold then I would sit there ( I am comfortable around 1900) but its not , so i sit towards the bottom of gold, just to fill my chest faster…

Cup dropping for Wars, well there are lots of threads about improved scoring\matching for that, and cups should really not be a part of it ( just use top 30 power , normalised for number in team as many people said).

Just to follow up one thing Rev said, I think iron is balanced ok, in fact i think iron was always set to deal with two builders as there were in early game , which is why everyone was always maxed until recently. No changes there i think are needed.

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Based on all the complaints I’ve heard over months and months about the unfairness and difficulty of Raid anyway, how much more difficult is it for young raiders who don’t know the nuances of Raid to have them invaded by stronger players?

I don’t think it’s unfair mind you, but I do think it’s discouraging, which is what has always bothered me.

Back to topic! :grin:


Let me chime in.
I just won 5 of 6 raids.
Coming from 2300+ cups (I had some visitors).

If I look at the cups won, I say "oh, pretty’
If I look at the ressources won, I say “why bother?”

It is starting to get tiring to attack opponents of my strength and higher, just to fill a chest.

It was so nice being a robber baron, back at 1500 cups or so. Grabbing all this food, giving a feast for my heroes.
And now? Why bother? My heroes cannot eat bragging rights or a pretty diamond. Too hard on their teeth …


“We don’t do alliance wars for rewards”

Speak for yourself but I know a lot of alliances are skipping out on war including mine because it’s not worth the hustle.

And I’m not trying to ■■■■■ but the gameplay isn’t “something to write home about” either, more frustrating to me than anything


I think its totally fair for newbs to be crushed by veterans. It happens in almost every game in existence that has PvP. If that bothers people so much, maybe go play some candy crush instead. If they want cup dropping to stop, maybe they should institute a real leaderboard with actual worthy awards for your rank. Already countless models out in other games that work. Top 100 now is a complete joke and guranteed there are people out their that would put alot of us to shame on raids if they actually cared bout their rank.


Agree. I said veterans crushing newbs was fair but discouraging (to the newbs).

Both can be true simultaneously. Candy crush, ewww! :wink:


FWIW I don’t mind the “hijack”

Sometime after this weekend I will continue posting comparative raids as I think it is still instructive.

I also think your conversation with Brobb has some value too: certainly room for multiple opinions as to raiding, I am certainly solidly in the Moar Ham camp but other rationales being expressed can only help SG, if they decide to do anything, make a more informed decision.


The ham argument is fully rational. I think the devs should fix that so platinum and diamond are at least worth it in ham.

The easier raiding argument looks rational, but people who do this mightn’t have thought it through fully. While cup dropping makes the next few raids easier for you, it does not make your battles in alliance wars any easier. Also practice makes perfect and lack of it makes sloppy, also in raids. So in the long run you’re doing yourself a disservice by dropping cups. If you aim to “git gud” that is.

So yeah, if you don’t cup drop you’ll approach your glass ceiling and you’ll have bouts of bad luck when the board is against you and you lose. Badly. But keep fighting the glass ceiling and you’ll get better. You’ll get better at assessing who to skip and who to pick. You’ll get better at getting the most out of whatever board you’re dealt. You’ll get better at alliance wars.

That’s my 2 cts anyway.


If cup dropping is wrong, I don’t want to be right ! :rofl:
I usually keep a somewhat lame defense, just enough to keep some rif raf at bay but the cup dropers happy. I don’t mind loosing a few hundred cups overnight if it means I’ll get my revenge the next day and fill my chest. I’ll be happy to help out my fellow raiders out there. I found my happy place in high platinum, just high enough to have enough cups to give but not go too low to where it’s a pain to climb back up…The ham is a plus for me…Unfortunately, it sounds like this cup dropping has been taken to the next level in regards to AWs. Which sucks. But, in short, I think cup dropping is a wonderful thing and we’d all benefit and be much happier if we all did it, and I approve this OP… :grinning::muscle:

You can throw everything I just said out the window if you care about rankings…All bets are off and you play to win and maintain a certain “status”. I come up to Diamond a few times but find it a chore to stay there, not to mention I don’t have enough depth in my heroes to cruise a little easier.

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That’s an interesting point you make which I wouldn’t have fully appreciated till yesterday.

I wound up pushing cups on my alt (tried on my main too with mixed success, alt actually was higher than the main at one point reaching #28 on the leaderboard… not so alt-like anymore I guess) and higher level raids were pretty hard and I hadn’t really thought through my strategies with a different hero set than what I have on the main.

I’ll admit, the main is pretty much on autopilot winning something like 90% of it’s raid attacks even north of 2500 cups when actually trying… the alt wasn’t anywhere close to that for most of the time: I was fumbling around on boards figuring out alternative color tactics to the point it was somewhat embarrassing; fortunately it wasn’t all for naught as I got a lucky run on the alt’s defense, but ultimately if you don’t play against the high levels it takes a bit to get back to that level: even when you have another account that can reach the upper echelons already.


@Petri @Sara

Thank you!


I second that with all my heart.

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Oh wow, dropped down to platinum for the past week or so. If that ham output stays that way for a diamond chest, might have to wander back up to diamond.

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My first diamond chest was around 160k but I didn’t really think much of it other than hey look at that, but 182k is over 50% (maybe more like 80%) higher than I’ve ever gotten pre 1.11: getting over 100k was a very rare occurrence for me though I know Boar had posted some previously in the past (think his was a 120k ham value sometime in 1.08 or 1.09ish).

There’s some problems with this: I have max food storages which I think is the driving factor towards getting higher ham values from chests (it might be watchtower or player level too I don’t know that anyone has concretely tracked it) and while others are reporting increased rewards too in the 100k range presumably with less base development, I can still obliterate even the 182k ham value on the alt as shown in this thread by dropping cups.

That said, if it was changed and I strongly think it was, it’s absolutely a step in the right direction and I’m profoundly happy that SG is trying to address the issues.

Not sure why they are doing stealth changes, when talking about quality of life stuff put those in the patch notes with pride yo!


This was a head scratcher for me. They keep some really cool things quiet until someone on here posts about it. Like the QOL change to watchtower, it saves your position in the log so you don’t have to scroll down everytime. Or that they changed Alliance Wars matching to Titan score.
They really should tell us every detail! We love that stuff!

*Note- not that the Titan score was really a QOL change…


The matchups for AW were obviously changed also, that was another good change in the right direction. Why not give us players 100% change facts in patches? You wanna drive a wedge inbetween gamers and devs, continue with stealth changes and it WILL bite you in the butt sooner or later. You made some good changes this patch and should be proud of it. :facepunch:

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Yes. Perhaps the idea is that it’s more fun for us to discover this stuff? I think SG should be shouting about improved raid tier loot.

Has all Wanted chest loot suddenly improved, or have I just had a very lucky run over the last day? Seems like every chest I’ve opened has had a high level ascension item, an epic troop token, and a trainer hero. Is anyone tracking this properly for a full alliance?

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