To auto win or not question

I was just wondering is there any negative outcome using Auto wings and your loot tickets? It just seems like I get a lot less Heroes and troops that way

I actually tracked it a while ago and found no statistical difference in the loot drops when I used loot tickets. What I have noticed is that I tend to use loot tickets on harder map levels, so I tend to get fewer recruits, but more farmable items for the same energy


I’m so glad you did this and saved me the problem. Like the OP I had the impression that loot tickets gave slightly worse drops. I think the reason is selective memory—one remembers good drops and forgets the poor ones. Seeing the results of six runs altogether is a little depressing.

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I’ve found that I get better drops/recruits when I use the loot tickets one at a time, rather than in batches

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I save my loot tickets for when I’m close to leveling up but have full world energy. Burn it all in one go on 23-9 and the experience rolls over.

Or I use them to quickly fill an elemental chest


I noticed using tickets, I didn’t advance towards the (season 2) killing-specific-enemies missions. So I don’t use them in season 2 … if it was a bug, and they fixed it since, I wouldn’t notice. :slight_smile:


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