To All Those Quitting The Game...Tell Us Why


The E&P community as a whole including developers and players alike can all benefit from learning why players are quitting.

Regardless of how much or how little you spend, you matter in this game.

I think we all want as many players as possible to play this game, help us all by taking a couple minutes to voice your thoughts


Why create new topic? All is written here: Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns


Was more asking players why they’re quitting instead of making assumptions of why players are quitting based on opinions of 1 player but flagged for removal, thanks @widgetos

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A for effort though


We have a number of “I’m leaving” threads. Please give a reason why I should not attach yours to theirs. :wink:


I’m considering leaving for to the fact I don’t spend a ton of money on this game but have bought stuff. I go to bed at night lose 200 trophies to teams way weaker and then lost 200 more on revenge. It has become a joke.


I have been playing for about a year now. I just used 2600 gems on my Summons and I didnt get ONE 5. I also didn’t get my free Hero for summoning 10. What can be done to fix this?


If you are going to be stingy with your ascension items and troll players with a super hard level 10 monthly challenging event (esp legendary tier), you are going to piss players off.


event is easy to complete. hard to compete. very useful walkthrough and strategies in the forum. search keywords like Event or part of an event name, you’ll find solid tips and strategies


u paid for a chance at 5*. make the most out of the heros you were given and dont let it discourage you. perhaps running a tc20 for free 3*, 4*, and 5* heros would be a better option for you along with saving free gems you earn in game and free atlantis tokens as well

there is no such thing as a 10x pull that guarantes a bonus draw of the hotm if that’s what you are referring to as a “free hero”


don’t revenge unless it is heavily in your favor for at least 1 of 3 reasons:

-you can win more cups than you lost
-opponent has substantial amount of resources in their watchtower
-opponent you can beat easily and get notches towards hero chest

also make a thread for Defense team help, plenty of people to help you in this community

another thing, EVERYONE loses cups literally everyone. regardless of f2p or p2w status, regardless of how good a defense team is, regardless of how long a player has played

Best thing you can hope for with a good D team is to minimize those losses and keep them from being inconsistent. make a team that players have to try more than once to kill


guess only reason i have is that it’s pickin up hits again. thanks for not merging with another thread. if you do, just delete it


You may consider playing with the title briefly, to differentiate your topic from others. (Just a suggestion.) :slight_smile: