To all the cup droppers out there


If you want to drop cups please use a defence team with 5 heroes and not one with one strong or weak hero.
It is in your own interest and would be a sign of common courtesy.

If I see an understrength defence team when raiding I reroll because to fight it would be a waste of valuable raiding time. I prefer to have a chance to collect 5 heroes for my chest and not only one.
I am sure I am not the only one with this thought so use a full strength team please.


Yep, don’t have a problem with cup dropping, but please put in 5 heroes.

I’m happy to stamp all over it and then you can try to revenge it…good luck :upside_down_face:


Well, I did that (5x 1* defence) and only few people attacked me. Then I changed to 1x 1* and I was attacked without intermission.

So yes, you are right but most people seem to think different.

And one more point: You don’t have to attack a 1 hero defence. Just skip it.


People aren’t necessarily smart, or they’d leave a 1-man defense alone as just not worth the raid energy. It also costs food to reroll. Not an issue for me, but for newer players, that’s seriously unwelcome.


@Peter1976, so that was just an exeption. Please use 5 heroes to make our chests full and loose the cups u want to loose. As said here: we skip such defence team if enough food is availabel…


Bonus if they’ll use x5 same color 1* heroes: it’ll make fill faster possible elemental chests :slight_smile:


I’ll make a test. If in one day i have more attacks against a full team i’ll keep it there.


Please let us know the results of your experiment!


I keep a full defense team about 1200 power lower than my main. Makes a good target for others and we both fill our chests with ease :grin:


Defense with only one was more targeted by a little. I made the test two times. And in both it won, but not by far. (1600-2000 cups range)


2 tests is anecdotal, but okay. :slight_smile:


Love a good anecdote


I’m a big fan of Muppets who cup drop. For example you have a 3star defence team but over 1800 cups and hit me for a measly 17 cups but leave yourself open for a revenge attack of plus 40 cups. These idiots are doing it wrong.


If I have Obakan in my defensive lineup… am I considered a cup dropper?


erm , some put just one hero in deliberately …

whay ?

so people dont waste resources attacking it !

its not always about cup dropping but maintaining


I always used to save those people until after my raid chest was full and then hit them and take the resources. Or if I was in a mood and didn’t care about filling raid chest quickly, I’d just beat them and take their stuff.


My normal defense team is max Chao, Rigard, Boldtusk, Skittleskull, Grimm. I usually raid to around 2250 everyday. I can’t go much past that yet. I can swap 4 45 Colen in for Chao and 2 60 Alasie in for Skittleskull and I’ll drop to about 2k cups by the time my chest is ready again. If I leave my defense as normal I may actually gain cups.


Just as a view of resources…

6 Raid hits = 6 hours
Or. = 1 Raid Flask
Or. = 100 Gems

If I care about the raid chest then the most efficient strategy would to be to stay at around 2500 cups…the bottom of diamond. I gain nothing extra but bragging rights if I go higher.

Raid flags are valuable or at least more valuable than the 200 ham/iron a few attackers are going to get by me dropping cups.