To all of those quitting


My view isn’t borne of apathy. I wrote in support of the post because I’m not apathetic.

I’ve been playing for nearly a year and haven’t been noticeably affected by the big changes to the game you write of. Maybe I haven’t been spending enough, I don’t know. I read people complaining and I think they have a selfish viewpoint, that’s all.

The game is constantly developing, it has to, and my feeling is that the developers do a good job of balancing the demands of all sorts of players’ preferences with financial reality.

So either adapt and enjoy, or not, your choice.

What’s to be gained by complaining?

Constructive ideas have a chance to influence future directions, hand-wringing not so much.


5 Players quit in my alliance. Could convice the 6th to stay. All were veterans and just getting too much bored. 1 or 2 may come back when season 2 is good but i am also concerned that there will be a huge Change in Players generally. I am afraid nearly all old Players will leave :frowning:


I have been playing since the end of March. I do not feel affected a lot by changes also. I also agree that constructive feedback is of more added value for SGG, compared to simply mentioning “this is not good, this is even worse etc.”. So, I share some of your feelings.

After reading a lot on this forum it’s pretty obvious that a majority of the ‘‘veterans’’ do feel affected a lot. They also think that the balancing act of SGG is definitely heading more towards P2W. This is in their opinion a bad development for most of the player-base. Read it here Are we heading to Pay2Win? Plus, other concerns.

Although I agree with you in part, I think that your feelings (and those of everyone) are weak arguments to take a stand. Of course, if many players share the same feelings then something could be really wrong and that has to be looked in to. However, feelings can always be influenced by each other and not necessarily by reality. I think they are actually even weaker arguments to point out to other players that they are free to quit the game if they don’t enjoy it.

So, just because we think something is fine doesn’t give us the right to demand others what to do or how to feel.

It is also a fact that your feelings (and mine partly) differ greatly from other players. Perhaps we should also sometimes dispute our own feelings because of this… :thinking: maybe all we have is a very large acceptability instead of the right feelings that reflect reality.

On a side note, I think complaining is necessary at first. Our community has to set off the alarms of SGG in order to get their attention. I prefer reading the constructive complaints, because of their bigger added value and these being less atmosphere deprivation. But a contrast that is applied by different types of complaint messages makes it clearer to see how serious the situation is and which messages are very usable. This is very noticeable in the thread I mentioned in this post.

STOP the whining & complaining

I wonder…why all those people who is constantly complaining not quit from this game?

Instead… They still here.
Still following this forum and keep on writing more and more complaints… Some of them even still playing this game :thinking:

Now I starting to whinning too, when all those unhappy people really quit this game? :joy::joy:


Those answers are spoilers:

Because they care about the game and by “complaining” they hopes that some aspects would be improved resulting on E&P being closer to their ideal game.

When they’ll not play anymore.


Probably when the majority of the people have your same point of view.

Fortunately i think we are save for a bit more :slightly_smiling_face:


The fleecing will continue until morale improves.


This game is certainly a microcosm of the World today. “I don’t like your opinion so you need to be silenced”. How easy would it be for you to simply not read posts that are obviously negative, rather than you putting in your demands that the rest of us act accordingly? I’m sorry when exactly did posts have to be run through you for your approval? I don’t like this post but I don’t suggest you change your attitude or not post, hell post away. For most this forum is the one and only place to vent that can help or be understood. Try telling your significant other that ■■■■ game gave me 10 3 star heroes again and see how much understanding you get. Here you can at least verify the problem and maybe vent a little. But no matter what I say there will be whiners whining about the whiners.


What I like the best about this addictive gambling game is that its target market are children :grin:

Just wait until you’re legal age; then you’ll be able to gamble for real money instead heroes and ham.

When I grow tired of Empires & Puzzles (or they get tired of us) I hope that I’ll be able to walk away and say, “It was fun while it lasted.”


It’s so hard not to feed the trolls or give in to the need to explain the joke for those who completely missed it.

This thread has outlived it’s purpose in my opinion but has served to scare up the underlying problem.

People will complain, it is what they do. I agree that complaints are necessary to improve products and services. Would prefer if people were nicer about it and brought solutions to the table, sure, but we can’t all have kittens and rainbows. I get that. The primary issue I have with the complaints is the fact that people feel entitled to better heroes/drop rates simply because they say so, when the drop rates are a lottery and have always been. It’s the only way to make it fair. People with deep pockets will play the lottery more. Can’t win if you don’t play.

People will complain about the people complaining, and that is actually okay too. You have no right to take that from them.

People will be grumpy about the complaining, saying that it’s pointless to complain about the complaining, which I guess I disagree with because it does serve a purpose to complain about the complainers. Anyone complaining about those complaining about complainers should really get their head checked, they are not sane anymore. Because, why? So you can feel mentally superior? I guess. Go, you? Whatevs. It doesn’t bother me a bit.

Then some people will write up weird fanfics based upon complaining about complainers (I’m flattered, I guess?)

Back to the topic:
These games live and die based upon the patronage of their “whales” (the big gamblers).

Developers need feedback to make the games better.

The games ALSO need balance, so player feedback needs to be carefully analyzed for feasibility so that it does not throw the game out of balance, which will lead to its downfall. So they nerfed your Hypermonkey Jesus so that he gives a 100% bonus to all Simian-based jujubees, and not 110% bonus… they have to take care of the game-world, so that it is fair for others.
It’s also hard to prevent games like this from becoming pay-to-win, because people with money will spend it if there is something to spend it on. It’s the very business model that supports games like this.

If everyone is SOOOO worried… about how “fair” the game is… there is a potential solution, SG COULD have people ‘opt out’ of playing versus people who have spent more than they have on the game. This is an idea of trying to come to the table with fair, balanced & intelligent solutions beyond simple complaints with the expectations that the SG gods are going to cater to you because the customer is always right. NO, the customer is not always right. Money talks.

My original post still stands and is still rife with valid points, your disagreement with them does not alter the validity in any way.

As @NPNKY said (and caused me to cry many, many mirthful tears):
“I can keep repeating this for you, but I can’t comprehend it for you.”

Grumpy gunna grump. Eviscerate my reply with your sharpest, keenest wits if you like.


If every player got what they asked this wouldn’t be a fun game anymore.

The suggestions are just that. The devs take them into consideration to try and find something that would work for them game as a whole, not for 1 individual person.

Changes are made and they do listen. Sometimes they aren’t perfect. Give them a chance. All these changes are new and need time to be felt out through gameplay. Fine your going to tell me that is what Beta is for. I will give you that. But that is a small sample size.

You can’t sit here and say nothing is being done. If you do you aren’t paying attention.


Good response. I like it. We need more fair assessments like this.


Thanks, I rarely comment on something like this and really don’t pay too much attention to what the updates do or don’t do. I just play the game. If I worry about every little thing I would probably drive myself crazy. That is what my 9-6 job Mon-Fri does. I don’t need more of that…


IKR… Srsly… Thankfully I’m an old lady and have been doin this internets thing for a bit now. Lets me just chuckle at all the forum negativity.


All you can do is chuckle at some of this to be honest. I can’t really take some of it seriously.

There was a lot pointed out by @NPNKY and not really understood. Couldn’t have been spelled out better imo.

Nothing is perfect, Nothing will ever be perfect, Deal with it or move on…


This adds so much to the forum. I’m glad the moderator let it stay.


The complaints are very easy to solve. Petri is already here, writing, you just have to give credible answers in the thread of Avicius


The OP has asked me to close this thread. To those who enjoyed his (her?) joke, bravo!

Thanks to all for playing. :wink: