To all of those quitting

Okay, I’m feeling a silly moment coming in, so feel free to laugh at me and ignore, but:

You’re complaining about a thread that makes fun of all the complaining about complaining…?

Are you participating? :wink:


I’ve just been sitting back and watching. The joke was lost on most folks. Others responded with just about as much grump/snark as expected.

Either way, I feel my points (while masked in my own brand of humor) were still valid. Its amazing to watch threads degenerate.

Thank you for being you, Rook.



I’m just telling that it can’t be constructive

The Forum exists for constructive discourse. I’ll continue to believe it exists. I’ve seen it here. Like a unicorn… :wink:


And we have a loop.

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Acknowledging they have “tried” to implement and are working on implementing desires of their players is real and honest. The gap between suggestions and implementations is real also and will remain to exist.
Some choose to be optimistic and happy about implementations that are somewhat in the direction of our wishes. Others choose to be disappointed and mad, because the developers did not implement the wishes in the best way possible according to the opionion of their players. In the case of Loot Tickets it is monetization, which is a very sensitive topic already.

Being satisfied or not with the gap is a personal matter, is created by the decisions and actions (or better said none-existing-actions) of SGG and may at all times be expressed. I would say it is necessary to at all times be expressed, in order for problems to be publicized.

And this exactly causes all the complaining. Imagine you’re the boss of several employees. Ultimately, you set the standard of what flies and what doesn’t. You want your employees to come to you with concers, which you want to hear out. If these complaints are reasonable, you do what you can to solve these problems, which includes sharing them with people above you if you don’t have the power to solve them yourself.

Let’s refer to SGG as the boss and us players as employees in this example. SGG still has to create a clear way that we see that our concerns are heard and resolved. Polls, panel groups (besides Beta testers), skype calls, more active participation in this forum and whatever else you can come up with. Their transparency and clarity can be improved in favor of the feedback they will receive. I think that in this more transparant and clear way the complaints will be more constructive and will be written in a less frustrating context.

Why is constructivity and less frustration in my opinion more valuable and necessary?

  1. Sometimes the need is obvious and sometimes it’s hidden deep inside our brains. To ask for something that fulfills our need requires figuring out what it is that we actually need. Doing so with frustration present in your mind often doesn’t provide the most beneficial answer.
  2. Constructiveness often causes you to convey your message in a respectful way, even though critical improvement points could have been described. It is then more inviting for other people to do things, it helps them to come over to our side and listen to us. The opposite, using language that can be interpreted as disrespectful or demanding, often puts people on the defensive. Every player and Developer are people. They have feelings and are more likely to respond on messages which creates connection and empathy. Therefore constructiveness will more likely encourage others to solve a problem.

But I could be wrong…maybe unconstructive complaints are necessary to ensure that constructive complaints are brought to the attention more quickly. #devsrespondtoavicious :thinking: So keep quitting and whining for all of our sakes. :smile:


Nothing is less true!

I rarely come across suggestions that improve our “game-life” AND respect SGG’s turnover. Yes, they may (and maybe should) want to earn less on different aspects of the game, but a suggestion with a combination of both will be more inviting in my opinion.


Constructive is useful. Please, don’t bring pseudo philosophy to the word meaning.



That is friggin hilarious, you sir deserve a golf clap and a beer, get this man a beer, and ten minutes with an attractive lady or a better looking chicken either way I’m sure he would be greatful.

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Thanks 4 the cheer from down under.
That was great mate. :fist_left:
But I find the roos are more insane than the emus though.

Well said @DJQuixo. (20 characters)

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You’ve obviously never tried to ride an end, or been to the birdsville races to watch the shananagans, bloody hilarious, no worries on the cheer well deserved I say. Have a goodie.

Bloody auto-incorrect, #end for emu

Totally agree. The whingers come across to me as self righteous- they’re saying they should be able to be top players without spending their money or too much of their time. Life ain’t like that.
I am mostly free to play, and I see that as a privilege. I get to play this cool game for free. And if I put enough time into it I can become a top player, eventually, if I want.
By definition only a few can be at the top. The fact that spending will get you there faster and more effectively is just the way life is.
I say enjoy the game for what it is. If you don’t, quit.

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I constantly read that ppl who forward their complaints are referred to as whiners.This is so disrespectful to their fellow players that it is actually self righteous of themselves to pass judgement on their fellow players so arrogantly.

Even at a prestigious & wealthy Bank, when closing your account, they ask & want to know with interest (*no pun intended) why you have decided to close your account with their company.

They don’t wave their hands in the air & say,
"oh just be on your way will you. just quit & leave you winging whiner. We don’t want to know about your reasons, so just talk to the hand.":raised_back_of_hand:

Very bad for business indeed.

And when your top account holders start to leave, that should sound the alarm bells right there.


I think you have it the wrong way around. The people who complain (ok let’s not label them, they are all different) about the structure of the game are the ones being judgemental and waving hands in the air.

I’m just saying I like the game so I keep playing it and agreeing with the notion that if people don’t like it they are free to stop. I don’t think that’s disrespectful to them.

I do think many of the complaints about lack of opportunities for ‘free to’ players are wrong. There is always a commercial reality which means payers will be advantaged. Nothing wrong with that.

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You’re ignoring the fact that a lot, if not most of those people have invested time, maybe real money, and a little bit of emotion into the game before the developers introduced something that changed it in a big and significant way, where the game is no longer what they initially invested in. I’m speaking from a similar experience with another game, not this one, but the exchanges here are virtually identical. People complain for these stated reasons, then another population of the group inevitably proclaims that if they don’t enjoy playing, they should just quit. If only it were that easy.

It’s not like you just walk away and all is now even; there is a sense of having something taken away from you, along with a very real resentment because of it towards those responsible, hence the complaining. People pouring on with the apathy just adds fuel to the fire.



Amen, brother! :+1:
Avicious, founder of the most prestigious alliance family in the game, has raised his voice to point out the recent changes / nerfs in the game. The respective thread has over 600 postings now.
And - if anyone is at all familiar with the EP community - the players posting there, chiming in with their concerns, read like a Who is Who of the community.

Never mind if some obviously newer players seem to think that everything is a-ok. Maybe we can ask those innocent souls again in a few months. If they are still playing then, that is. :grin:

The suggestion that the plethora of “negative” threads discussing drop rates don’t include any solutions speaks volumes…

Maybe those paragraphs you’re skipping had the solutions in them?

I’ve seen asked for, specifically in 7DD thread: IMPROVED rates. Rates being displayed in all summon areas. Guarantees or a system to guard against repetitive bad luck (every 3* pull slightly increases chances for 4* or better) … or a way to ‘trade in’ bad pulls either directly for heroes OR towards more chances.

So, either you missed all of this somehow / aren’t paying attention / don’t want to be part of the solution.

Just because YOU are blind to a problem or gleefully ignoring it, doesn’t mean other people have to.

IN MY work, we look at a problem or a complaint as an opportunity to improve. So if a bunch of our customers say “we want transparency in pricing” we look at a way to make that happen.

If SG doesn’t know that’s something we value - and if we are not clear in exactly how important that is to the user base, then WHY would they make the change?

So I’ll tell you something: be a part of the solution, or you shut YOUR mouth.

(In all honesty, you should state your opinion. And we should state ours. That your opinion is that we shouldn’t state our opinion kinda effs that though. So. Shut up or get a better opinion :stuck_out_tongue: )