To all of those quitting

There’s gap between suggestions and implementation. Players don’t get what they ask

How do you Know season 2 will come out in september?

Yeah there is a lot of videos on how to mind control people with lootbox and energy limit

The developers announced it

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Actually, being constructive and civil is straight out of Forum Rules.

@Zero2Hero um, what? :flushed:

Back to topic: “To those quitting…”


I see loot tickets as a compromise.

I wanted a shiny button on every level that would let me skip the level provided I was strong enough to beat it without looking so I could use up all my World Energy in under a minute so grinding took no time at all, cause “who got time fo dat?!”

Instead I got a loot ticket which sometimes lets me bypass levels, even 23-11 (which is more than my skip would have done) with no effort, but I get a limited number of them.

Don’t know why the compromise was made. Maybe it has to do with something boring and necessary like server function, I don’t know.

But I know I get a daily ticket with VIP—which I already buy for the gems and the 2nd builder—so win win there. :slight_smile:

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I think tone is important, but I’m sure it’s a difficult thing to manage for players who are leaving since they’re obviously disappointed and upset.

But I think developers would be very interested to know why players are leaving the game, or thinking about quitting the game.


They certainly should be.

(And thanks for returning us to Topic!)

Yep. Fire Emblem Heroes Reddit is full of nice things, almost no bad words and lots of amazing fanart (something that, I have to be real here, I feel our heroes are lacking).

League of Legends heroes also awesome.

I’d be surprised if it wasn’t a compromise tbh.

People benefit from farming - you receive xp, troops, heroes and crafting items.

People that are further along than others are generally so because they’ve logged the hours (p2p vs FTP/c2p has been discussed enough and is a separate conversation. You spend money, you still pull heroes at 1-1 and you need fodder to level)

If there was a skip function with no cost associated, there’s no feeling of reward from farming and progress would mean less

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Oh, I always assumed a World energy cost for the level. I just meant: “This is always available to all players; if you’re strong enough to beat the level on auto, you win. Otherwise no.”

But I don’t mind the tickets. I might if I got them less frequently. And I won’t know how that feels till I stop VIP. :thinking:


Ah ok. Well yeah that makes sense.

Loot tickets is definitey better than nothing!

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Loot ticket is nothing. I am done with farming. Can not take this boring part anymore.

gentle voice

“…constructive [conversation]…” :wink:

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Rook, this thread is whining about whining. And it is not first such thread. It’s just expression

Actually no, read the OP; it is a satire. :slight_smile:


It’s still expression. And I can’t see why satire can’t be a whining.

Look up “satire” and “humor”. It’s a riff on an existing item exposing the silliness of it.

^ an example from Hot Fuzz. The placement of this policemen’s head in the shot is “accidental” (the center of the board is about something else), but he also embodies everything on the wallboard behind him.


Does it solve any problem? In the best case it publicizes problem. But if problem is already known it’s just whining.

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