To all of those quitting

  1. LT isn’t free, so it’s way to pay for skipping. Are we asking this?
  2. Is AW working good now? Which suggestions were implemented?
  3. We really have opt out button.
  4. And there is no season 2 for now.

Opt out button is exception as I can see. Please go on. But please write pairs: suggestion and implementation

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  1. Loot tickets drop randomly in chests. You don’t have to pay for them. Yes, occasionally you can buy them, but you don’t have to. Just like flasks and ascension materials.
  2. Alliance wars changes implemented: matching has gone from alliance scores to titan scores to top 5 heroes to top 30 heroes to top 30 with extra weight given to the top 5. Defense teams are now required to be 5 heroes, at players request. If a player eats their defense team during the war, they’re disqualified, again at player request. Points now have been adjusted so more weight is given to the team while active and less for the final kill.
  3. The opt out button is available to alliance leaders between the end of one war and the start of prep for the next.
  4. Season 2 is in beta, and will be coming in September.

There’s already another area of the forum for that filled with many interesting ideas, suggestions and such.
If you scroll it down, you can stay days reading one topic after another, many brilliant, and more not so good.

Fact is that you can bring to the table as many suggestion as you can, but if you don’t know even if they read it it’s just a good conversation between players, nothing more.
And probably when you reach the third dead topic you just stop to give ideas that never see the light.

So i get what you say, but sometimes been costructive and civil just isn’t enough, and you want to show the frustration for seen the game you like going on the wrong path despite everything.

So… Nope.
I don’t think that no one care about people whining and complain, and i don’t think that be gently and calm is always the right thing to do.

Naturally i don’t saying that we have to arise for every little thing or whenever we want.
Thats stupid.

But sometimes you have to make your voice louder to make people listen, and even if you don’t accomplish anything for your own, you can inspire others and reach your unexpected goal after some times.

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I’m left to wonder if there’s a game forum anywhere that doesn’t have a population of members who feel compelled to complain about people who complain.

I think you’re on the wrong thread. You asked me for examples of changes that the players requested that have been implemented. I gave you several.

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And i think you have the wrong guy.
I never asked such things.

One simple suggestion that everyone been on and on:

UNNERF the nerfeds.

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Once more time, player suggestion then implementation. From you examples only opt out button were directly asking. I wish to see who was asking LT, etc. Now you are given only implementation and if you check players suggestions you will see difference.


I can keep repeating this for you, but I can’t comprehend it for you.


Is someone who complains about complainers any better? I could just as easily say if you don’t want to read the posts, then don’t. Do you think your post will stop those who complain or post about wanting to quit? You too have come with a problem (your desire to not hear people complain) and your solution… nobody cares? Good one. If nobody cared, the posts would die on their own.


Well said. If one person states who cares, and post up on a forum acting like a educated troll, does that make them any better? Nuff Said.


Guys I’m thinking we need a thread to vent about people creating threads complaining about other people creating threads with complaints addressed elsewhere in other threads…

Perhaps someone could create a thread to discuss if I should go ahead with said thread?


I see what you did there…

Whilst I was reading your post,

I started to imagine a scenario where a group of E&P adventurers, some dressed like Richard, some dressed like Lianna & Boril, none dressed like Zeline, were hiking down a scenic & well trod path. But then one of them uses a 4* ascension telescope & sees that ahead of themselves, that they are approaching a dark thorny forest with many traps & limb taking crocodiles.

They stop to ponder the situation. Some of them just run, saying “I DIDN’T SIGN UP FOR THIS!”
And some of them saying they should talk to the Park rangers since it’s been 7 DAYS DEPARTED from the main camp & returning might take more. There is nothing about this in the tome of tactics.

One person, after telling the group how she knows it all, whilst aimlessly waving a fire torch in her hand, quotes a few sayings which have no bearing on the matter & just made her sound like she knew what she was talking about, says to the adventurous group, “Who cares if those that ran, ran. And so what if the trap laden forest ahead is going to be the death of us. The park rangers don’t care so why should we, Stuff all the warning signs, everything will be all right.” She went on to quote a situation that had taken place at another adventure park called “Rage of Bahamut”, This did not inspire any confidence in her as that was exactly what the E&P adventurers were trying to avoid.

The park ranger, was within earshot, listening as he rubbed his hands over one another, and the crocodiles who took up residents in the park confirmed to themselves whilst licking their sharp teeth & drooling over one another, that it was good to invest interest in this venue as fresh meat is in full supply.

The E&P adventurers decide to ignore the self admitted hypocrisy of the little girl & decide to locate & negotiate the safety of the park with the ranger.

who remains yet to be seen.

I don’t have a girlfriend,
but I do have a pet chicken,
feel free to flirt.


Sorry that I add my topic again. But I think it still fits and people again stop to think about the good things…

@DJQuixo, maybe adjust your topic and remove the



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I’m a guy using a girl’s name (long story…) in the game.

Does that mean I get to feel more important…or less :thinking:

I’m so confused :sob:


I loved your comment @Fira

And thought that if I volunteered to create a thread about your said thread, would it actually create another dead thread instead. For said thread to remain ahead, it would have to be fed. Otherwise Comments also fed to said thread but not necessarily from my head can also wind up dead.

So let’s put the whole idea of said thread to bed, & those that are still seeing red, can go to an existing thread, without the risk of said thread doing in my head.


Got no votes so far. This is an old topic btw. Not made after this thread…

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Are you really so blind that you can’t see difference between player suggestions and implementation?
Read this thread Loot Tickets are a Joke - They completely miss the point - #6 by Paulon
Do search by words “skipping” or “ticket” and see difference between what players ask and what we get. Same for others points

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So because the suggestions were not implemented exactly the way people wanted them to be, the developers are not listening?! Sorry, but I don’t have the time, patience, crayons or blood alcohol level to try to explain to you how asinine that is.