To All Beta Testers

I posted this in another thread but it merits its own thread. Thanks to all beta testers for all you do!
For taking time of your life and family’s life to test find bugs and help debug…

Thank you for taking the head aches before we do.
Keep up the great and amazing work you all do!
You are all amazing.

Once again…



It is more than a big pleasure and if it is any added consulation, I have to also chime in and thank my fellow testers and the continious solid testing various heroes scenarios and bringing the results to the table for discussion. At the end of the day from our perspective we try to ensure that:

  1. The game doesnt become broken
  2. The little guy or F2P are always considered even though I am a paying player
  3. Bugs are brought to the attention of devs
  4. Ideas of improvement are mentioned
  5. Etc

We might sometimes miss certain things but we try.


I couldn’t word it better myself

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Well redacted, nice word choosing…

So far one of the best beta applications I’ve seen.

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