TMI. (Too much Iron)

Make battle items…. Compete in challenge and alliance events…. Blow 200 or soo axes and bomb attacks each time to try to place higher…. Iron gone… or lb your 5*s

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I go to Atlantis 12-10 for nuggets during Atlantis Rises. Hurricanes are also good to use, but those titan skulls are hard to come by. Otherwise, I just overload on the banners if I need to dump iron.

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"Ham offer = 6.5M ham for S$6.98 (my currency; about us$4.98)

Each 1m ham = US$1.31
About 1m active players still
Assume 500,000 players convert 2m ham monthly
That comes to US$1.31m monthly"

Check your calculations.

Which part is inaccurate ? I will edit.

Im just wondering if pouring iron into something i do not/will not use is better than to just “not harvest” the iron and keep all the iron stores full for the times when you will need it (rarely) like embleming etc.

Or just start using them banners…?

There will be an increase to the max Stronghold level, and possibly a new building (not guaranteed) as per the 2022 Sneak Peek. :wink:

I’ve TMI myself. :sweat_smile:

I’m this desperate.


Be sure that every imbalance in this game is very wisely and carefully calculated and planned by the devs
Do you think devs are some amateur kids?
They have offices and meetings and marketing experts etc
Every move these devs make are to make more money even the things that irritate the players.


This works too. If you have used all the iron (as much as possible), then don’t collect. Or only collect when you have used some.

I did that for awhile.

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Dump iron into troops

Maybe im reading wrong, but how does

“Ham offer = 6.5M ham for S$6.98 (my currency; about us$4.98)” result into “Each 1m ham = US$1.31”

Ah yes. You are right. Edited my post. Thank you.