TMI. (Too much Iron)

This is a common problem once your buildings have reached a certain stage.

This is what I do to not max out my iron bank :

  1. Convert 1 mine to HL

  2. Did not push any mine to advanced 10 (I need the ham more) I stopped at Ad 5.

  3. Farm like rabid rabbit. To get CM to make high end weapons that only need iron. Like timestops. Tornadoes.

  4. Park iron in HA to generate 2/3* feeder troops. (And farm like rabid rabbit for recruits)

  5. Don’t think much before lobbing tornadoes and timestops during challenge events legendary. Not to place high. To complete comfortably and collect completion rewards sooner. Don’t think I can do this for Gargoyles though. :thinking:


CM? Twenty characters

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Crafting materials. The game goes through stages. Don’t sweat not needing iron after you’re done building.


your condition is the same as mine…
maybe we need a “resource exchange” or it’s time for SG to start leveling up the fortress to 30?


Though not impossible but I think it’s highly unlikely SGG would allow conversion of something free and useless (iron) into something of value that they are already actively selling (food packs)

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I would rather a new building added that will allow conversion

It would be the easiest “fix”. Certainly won’t solve everything, but it would move things in the right direction.


Requested in spring Q n A. SGG rep denied request. Will affect game economy.

This was requested. In spring 2021 Q n A.

Either as an extension of AL or maybe a special limited run like SE.

SGG rep denied request. Will affect game economy.

SGG makes plenty moolah from ham sales. From the shop. From offer packs.


Another game allows this but only during certain events. Convert excess iron to gold (equivalent of ham sort of).

Play event for tokens. Save up tokens.
Redeem tokens to convert excess iron to gold.

One of those rare occasions that I was so enthusiastic about an event. :joy::rofl:

I use mine (no pun intended) to craft tornadoes, banners and dragon attacks. It would be nice if there was a 3rd queue in HA so that I could use the iron to create troop feeders.

Yup. That works too. Expand HA to 3/3 instead of 2/2.

I have no idea why SGG is so worried that expanding to HA to 3/3 will adversely affect game economy by reducing revenue from summon portals.

The odds are so low.

The number of feeder troops are not enough to max a rainbow mana troop set within a year. Someone once calculated that it will take more than a year.

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Oh i do use iron but getting the required CMs in enough of a volume to use iron at a similar rate to food takes forever.

Always running out of planks and nugs

Thing is if people got more for less they may be inclined to spend more frequently and wont get as frustrated with the terrible drop rates.

Definitely agree with all this. Another quick way to drain your iron is to create hurricanes. That’ll drop it for you with no problem :grinning:.

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Im in the same situation, too much iron but running out of nuggets for tornadoes and d.bone for timestops. I dont use dragon banners or attacks anymore, they are at 200+ right now. Wish we could bundle up the excess iron into bundles… my HA wasnt working either, running out of tall boots.


I agree. SE for food and mine?

yes, like SE but only for food and iron. seems unlikely as it will affect the game economy. :smiling_face_with_tear:

SGG sells ham crates. It’s big big business, these ham crates.

Iron crates are infrequent.

If SGG allows players to convert excess iron to ham, say 1m iron to 100k ham, that still means loss of income for them.

Ham offer = 6.5M ham for S$6.98 (my currency; about us$4.98)

Each 1m ham = US$0.766
About 1m active players still
Assume 500,000 players convert 2m ham monthly
That comes to US$766k monthly

SGG monitors their game economy right down to each and every single dollar of revenue.

Make battle items…. Compete in challenge and alliance events…. Blow 200 or soo axes and bomb attacks each time to try to place higher…. Iron gone… or lb your 5*s

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