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I think there is a formula of titan assignation to an alliance based on it’s Trophy Score and Titan Score.
I wanna do a reverse engineering and find that formula and for that I NEED EXAMPLES > the outcome of the formula.

So, please post here screenshots of your:

    (best would be exactly after the titan appears)

Thank you :slight_smile:

P.S. If anyone tried this before, pls let me know :wink: cheers



alliance score / titan star / titan health / titan score/ ratio(alliance/thealth)

96360 / 7* / 1584k / 45344 / 60.83
104500~ / 8* / 1936k / 48795 / 53.97~


Given an alliance, to find out the titan health without being in that alliance, this should work:

Titan Health =~ (Alliance Score * Alliance Trophy)/ 3100~

and looking in the https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1_qJu5KEB5f4Q_dVwlLwasoIy3YTvB8-okM8ZadkaB3E/edit#gid=1169123689

you can find out the given alliance titan star hunting down without being a member…


THANK YOU :smiley:

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alliance score / titan star / titan health / ratio

96360 / 7* / 1584k / 60.83
104500~ / 8* / 1936k / 53.97~

The Titan an alliance receives isn’t dependent on the trophy and titan scores. The trophies are unrelated. The titan score is related, but in the sense that both the titan score and the Titan an alliance receives have the same dependencies. The link I provided before indicates how the Titan score is calculated. It’s a product of the number of stars a titan is and how much is was killed.

What Titan an alliance receives is based on recent Titan performance (last 3/4 Titans). The 90% case is if you kill 3 Titans in a row all with X stars, the next Titan will have X+1 stars. If you fail to kill a Titan with X stars, the next Titan will be X-1 stars. The 10% case is when you kill a Titan very fast you might not have to kill 3 in a row with the same number of stars before it increases in stars. Also, I’ve found an instance where we killed 2 with X stars, then let the 3rd escape, then when we killed the next X-1 star Titan, the one after that had X stars.

All that being said, the amount of HP a Titan has is somewhat predictable. Each Titan star level has a range of possible HP options. Refer to this link: Titan data project v1.9. The HP chosen out of that range seems to be random in my experience.

I’d suggest searching around the forum, you’ll find a lot more information.


my question was how to determine what titan an alliance hunts without being a member - from outside…

and i think i found the formula:
Titan Health =~ (Alliance Score * Alliance Trophy)/ 3100~

can you pls verify if it checks for your alliance titan? ty

p.s. i already checked the forum. i know the titan sheet. modified title and first post to find if the empiric formula is correct.

Doesn’t work for our alliance, is off by over 300k

@Witch can you pls put a screenshot? ty
time of titan and possible alliance trophy might alterate it…
thats why ~ aprox was used… but 300k is a bit much … i was thinking the error might be as of 50k give or take…

@_John_Doe, I see what you’re trying to do, but I was trying to indicate that the parameters you’re looking for aren’t possible in a formula. Now I see you’re trying to just randomly approximate it. OK. Instead of using brute force to come up with a formula, let me come up with one you can actually use.

We know that Titan HP is determined from the number of Titan Stars. However there isn’t an easy formula for this. Let me get back this.

We know that an approximate Titan score is determined by the following:

Titan Score = 5 * (3X + 0.3*(X+1) * 400
where X = Number of stars the titan an alliance kills consistently(3 in a row)
0.3 is what % of health an X+1 star titan gets killed on average

We can reverse this to get:

X = Titan Score/6600
I removed part of the 0.3 to make the formula easier since it’s negligible.

So for my alliance a Titan score of 66923 gets 10.14 stars. We’re currently killing 10* Titans consistently.
Yours is 48795 which gives X = 7.39 stars
Dragon Slayer gives X = 10.31 stars

Using my formula you can determine the average star value that an alliance is killing. Anything else is a guess. If you REALLY care about the possible HP of that alliance’s Titan, you can use the Titan HP spreadsheet.

Your formula is nice, but it depends on Titan HP selection being dependent on trophy^2, which there’s no evidence to suggest exists.


Thing is that at 48795 titan score as per your formula the titan should be 7.39*,
but in reality it is first 8* titan… if not the decay has been applied…
if the 5% decay has been applied then before it was 48795x1.05 and divided by 6600 gives 7.76* which is still aint first 8* titan…

see below:

so i dont know… i will see if next titan is 7.36* as you say.

and with my formula Dragon Slayer gets 11* hp … which i think they are saying about…
not 10.31* as per your formula.

Did you applied my formula to your alliance?
By how far your titan hp is from the calculated formula hp?


and the formula didnt match…

1972000 hp titan… meaning first 8* and instead we got first 7*

maybe thats what happens when it escapes…


Has anyone looked at Titan Scores already? It seems to me, the old formula (killed titan gives his stars time 400 points) no longer works; a 13* seems to give 5000 points only, not the 5200 that one would have expected previously… thoughts?

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