TitanStrikeForce (2 open spots) 10*+ titans, war optional

TitanStrikeForce (no spaces) currently has 5 open spots

We take down all 9* titans (an occasional yellow will get away) and have gotten down 2x 10* rares.
Just filled up a War Chest with 4 wins in a row.

Our Alliance is a mix of many serious players (at least 2 have hit #1) and a handful of casuals. There is some chatter but not overwhelming. We do have Discord but it is not required.

1600 cup minimum. Currently open, sometimes we will go invite-only early during the pre-war stage to discourage spies. Feel free to send a request and it will be promptly accepted.

Bump. We still have 3 open spots and are looking for some new blood to help move up from 9* titans to regularly taking down 10s.

We have taken down three 10* titans in the last week including a rare rooster. Come join the fun! We have 2 open spots, but also 2 members that went inactive so if you have a group we would welcome more!

Currently 4 spots open. All 10* Titans are going down including a Queen Harpy today.

2 open spots at the moment.

We have an 11* Ancient Tiger currently as well. So if there are any Titan mercs out there who would like a challenge, hit us up!

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